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Bedros Keuilian—Man on a Mission

I had the opportunity to spend some time with one of my colleagues in the fitness industry, Bedros Keuilian. I’ve known Bedros for about 7-years and his story is nothing short of amazing.

Bedros immigrated to the US from Russia when he was just a young kid. He overcame a lot of setbacks, challenges, and difficulties early in his life.

Nowadays, he is the CEO, founder, and a leader of an Inc. 5000 fastest growing franchise in FitBodyBootCamp. And he’s the author of a best-selling new book, “Man Up” (just released a few months ago).

“Why do I share?” you probably ask.

Because Bedros is one of the brightest entrepreneurs I know. And he invited me to speak to some of his top franchisees and do a ½ day IMPACT Leadership Program with them recently. He wanted me to impart some wisdom with his franchisees on what it takes to CREATE MASSIVE IMPACT today so they could hear it from another voice. #Honored

Today’s MindRight Maniac episode highlights a visit to the FBBC headquarters in Chino Hills, CA, and a powerful interview with the man himself, Bedros Keullian.

Take a watch/listen now…

There are some gems throughout this MRM. Be sure to watch all the way to the very end to catch all the wisdom throughout this episode.

Remember this, the U.S. has 325 million people in it.
The world has 7.5 billion people in it.

The world needs more fire-breathing dragons coming together.
The world needs more men & women of IMPACT leading the way.
The world needs more purpose-driven MindRight Maniacs who are truly and genuinely convicted to try and save the world to fight the good fight every single day.

And that’s what I hope this MRM episode does for you. Regardless of your career or occupation.
Dream BIG.
Collaborate with other LEADERS in your industry, career, or community.

And go out and CREATE IMPACT in all you do!

Much love,

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