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Best Adventure Day Ever!

Best Adventure Day Ever!

The mountains move my soul. Getting up in the rarefied air of the mountains allows me to relax, think BIG, and feel WOW. 

Well, I had the absolute BEST “Adventure” Day last week as I went mountain-biking in the Canadian Rocky Mountains in Banff, Canada. The breath-taking views, snow-capped mountains, and backdrop was nothing short of magical.

For me, I need to plan ADVENTURE into my life. And that’s exactly what I did. Take a quick little “adventure” trip with me and check out my “best day in nature EVER.

I almost wiped-out a few times while filming so please forgive the shaky camera and freezing rain… ☺

Best Day Ever in Banff

What was your favorite part of the “Adventure?” video:

  1. Me flying down the mountain with the “bear bell” jingling (had to stay away from the Grizzly’s!)
  2. The “most incredible spot I’ve ever visited on Earth.”
  3. The spa & hot-tub
  4. Other?

Which part is your favorite part of video?

Hop over to my Facebook Page with your answer or comment on the actual video itself. I would love to see your comments.

That’s a wrap. Folks, be sure to plan for and include adventure into your life this week. It’s the best way to move your soul, have fun, and create some WOW in your life.

Much love.. much adventure… and much WOW!


P.S. Plan for Adventure & WOW Today!!

If you don’t have “adventure” on your calendar for the next few weeks, be sure to get it on there. Whether it be a “simple” day at the spa, hiking or mountain biking at a good spot in your area, or you are planning for a bigger adventure day, there is nothing quite like a few hours or days letting your soul sing at the highest levels.


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