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5 Ways to Use Technology to Grow Your Fitness Business

It’s 2017 my friends, and if you haven’t integrated technology into your business, your competitors will eat you alive. Here are five tried and true tools I personally use to ensure Fitness Quest 10 and Todd Durkin Enterprises stay at the forefront of fitness. From retaining current clients to attracting fresh faces and spreading more IMPACT and WOW, this is how to ride the tech wave to the next level.

Body Composition Analyzers:

Clients want results and results keep them coming, right? Well, it’s time to ditch your inaccurate calipers and ensure you’re delivering objective measurements rather than subjective guesses. In less than a minute, our body comp analyzer provides clients with their body fat, visceral fat, weight, basal metabolic rate, and more. Take that, calipers! Better yet, we know the measurements it’s spitting out are always consistent, accurate, and objective. What gets measured gets done, so we use technology — specifically, the InBody 570 — to ensure our measurements are on point. Oh, and our clients love it!

Group Heart Rate Tracking:

While we’ve previously used sweat (and occasionally puke :)) to measure intensity at Fitness Quest 10, we now have MyZone digital heart rate tracking integrated into our facility. This stellar system allows us to display calories burned, heart rate, and color-coded intensity tiles for each individual rocking a strap. We’ve seen this ignite the inner competitors of our Average Joe’s as they take to the TV screen to see how their performance stacks up against others. Plus, the data is theirs to keep. An added benefit? The same screen we use to display all of the above is also used to promote our internal programs. It’s a win, win, baby!

Social Media:

Are you sensing a theme yet? Things are going digital and social media is the perfect example of that. Long gone are the days of cold calling and door-to-door sales. Now, you have social media to spread your message. Currently, I’m all-in on Instagram and Facebook (follow me/turn on notifications to watch and learn). With IG, I use stories and live streaming to constantly feed our clients and followers killer content. On FB, I’ve branded my live streams as #TDTV and we’ve also made a financial investment to Facebook ads. I can’t teach you all the ins and outs of the platforms here, but I assure you there is plenty of information out there to get you up to snuff.

Text Messaging:

As fit pros, our biggest concern is often the decisions our clients make away from our watchful eyes. Thus, increasing our touch points to ensure we’re top of mind can be the difference between a success story and a long-lost client. So, we’ve implemented a text messaging system that allow us to communicate with our clients efficiently, without having to send individualized texts, make tons of calls, or develop hundreds of emails. Instead, we have a library of automated messages that we customize and fire off to our entire list via Off Day Trainer. Clients can even continue the communication with us one-on-one via the service, so they always feel they’re getting individualized attention. Want to see it in action? If you’re not already getting my Dose of Durkin, enter your number here, and you’ll see exactly how I use ODT every Monday.  Oh, and when you compare your 17% email open rate to the 98% text open rate, you really see the value.


If you’re a current Mastermind member, you know just how much I love Zoom. This video conferencing tool allows us to host large group video calls where everyone can see each other and really connect. Heck, you can even record your Zoom calls and then share them with others. When I’m delivering exclusive content to fire-breathing dragons, Zoom is my preferred method to spread the good word. I suggest you leverage this tool as you continue to build your community (it isn’t only for large groups!), and for those of you building your e-training services, this is a great way to connect across the globe.

TLDR (Too Long Didn’t Read):

  1. Body Composition Analyzers
  2. Group Heart Rate Tracking
  3. Social Media
  4. Text Messaging
  5. Zoom

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