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BIG NEWS ANNOUNCED— IMPACT Podcast Dates Released & Opportunity to WIN a Theragun, TRX, MyZone, or CarnoSyn swag bag…and more?!

It’s OFFICIAL. I have officially announced the dates & details of the “Todd Durkin IMPACT Show” podcast launch.

I couldn’t be more proud and honored. And pumped-up for what’s about to come!!

There are 2 big things to know about the IMPACT Podcast launch…

1. The dates of the “IMPACT Podcast” Release are official—Monday, August 19th is Episode #1.

Yes, in just 18-days, Episode #1 of the IMPACT podcast will be hitting the airwaves. We have an extraordinary line-up prepared for you and I can’t wait to get sharing the gospel of motivation in just a matter of mere days!

Subscribe today and get ready to get your body, mind, and soul to a whole new level!!

Subscribe today and sign up for the contest!

2. I have a HUGE giveaway contest that anyone can enter for the next 18-days, leading up to launch week. We will be giving away approximately $2,000 in prizes to the winners of the contest.


Entering is simple. Go to, enter your email address, subscribe to the show, and share the show. That’s it! 

Once you do that, you will be automatically entered in to win one of these 7 amazing prizes…

1. Theragun. Yep, believe it. The massage gun I use with all my pro athletes and clients and recommend to everyone. (*$500 value)

2. Under Armour VIP Kit. Full of great swag, including shoes (*$250 value)

3. TRX Suspension Trainer. Black & yellow, black & yellow… (*$200 value)

4. MyZone Heart Rate monitor. I rarely train without my MyZone on my chest and hate when I forget it. I’m giving away a MyZone system. (*$100 value)

5. CarnoSyn VIP supplement kit. Filled with some of my favorite pre & post-workout supplements. This will get you jacked-up! (*$150 value)

6. Last but not least, my digital “TD’s Fitness Business Success System.” It’s changed many fitness trainers, coaches, and an entrepreneur’s business. And it could change yours also. (*$500 value)

7. Oh, and one more thing…. I have a “TD VIP Kit”. This includes my IMPACT Body Plan book, WOW BOOK, and of course…a GREY HOODIE. This is guaranteed to get your mind right, along with my new podcast. (Priceless!!)

(*all values are approximate)

I’ll be announcing the winners to the Podcast Contest within ONE WEEK after the contest ends on FB & IG LIVE. As always, I’ll have some “and then some” prizes as well.

Must ENTER BY Monday, August 19th to win— I would suggest doing it TODAY!!!

Remember, go to, enter your email address, subscribe to the show, and share the show. That’s it, you’ll be entered to win!! 

Buckle-up baby! I can’t wait to have FUN each & every week motivating you in all areas of your life. This podcast is going to be unlike anything I’ve ever done… and that you have ever experienced. It’s almost go TIME.


P.S. You can’t WIN it if you’re NOT IN it!!

This contest is OPEN to any/all people. Please fill out the form and get subscribed today. YOU will have as much chance as anyone to win one of the prizes. Only one entry per person! #BeINIt

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