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My Biggest Problem in China…


Last week, I was in Shanghai, China, to teach at a fitness conference and have my first ever 2-day Mentorship in China. It was an absolutely incredible experience.

Except one thing. The biggest problem I had is when I landed in Shanghai, China, at 8 pm local time was that it felt like I had been hit over the head with a shovel since it was 4 am “my time.” Jet lag absolutely crushed me!

But the hosts of the conference and my 2-day Chinese Mentorship were so excited to have me in China they took me directly to the venue where a huge crowd of attendees had gathered to give me a warm “Chinese welcome.”

Let me just say I’ve never been greeted like this at any conference. It was absolutely crazy. It was as close as I’ll ever feel to being Bono at a rock-concert. ☺

I ended up saying a few words, getting on stage to field some Q&A, and take some pictures. And this was “before” the conference even began.

And that just started a chain of amazing moments and energy that WOW’d me every single day there. And jet lag was never an issue after Day 1.

Let’s take a quick look at some of the highlights from Part I of my trip (the Fit Camp Conference) to give you a taste of my Chinese experience …and to give you a glimpse into the amazing energy of the Chinese people.



When you see the video, you can see the passion and thirst for learning from the Chinese trainers. Despite me not speaking any Chinese and most of them not speaking much English, there was a common bond and communication between us all…FITNESS!!!

Yes, I had an interpreter that hung onto every word I said. But much of what I said was “felt” and understood by the attendees without even having to say a word. It was an emotion. An energy.

Xie xie (sound like chez-chez); THANK YOU!!


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