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Boys in a Cave

It’s a busy time of the year and I know everyone has a ton going on. But I invite you to STOP for 3-minutes and please read this letter I just wrote. It might save your life. Literally.

I’m not sure about you but I have been captivated by this story of the youth Thai soccer team trapped in a cave now for 17-days. As of me writing this letter, 8 of the 13 people (12 kids total + 1 coach have been trapped) have been miraculously saved in the last 48-hours. There are still 5-more to go!

Ever since first hearing about this situation on June 23th, I have been obsessed with the situation and have been praying hard for these young boys and one coach in grave danger.

I’ve been thinking about the array of emotions and thoughts that must be racing through their minds. And I can’t wait to hear the stories WHEN they ALL are rescued safely. I’m assuming there have been 2 different “mindsets” battling back & forth in these kids heads…

“Will they ever find us?”
“Are we going to die?”
“How long can we stay in here and not eat or drink water?”
“If we die, will they ever find us?”
“My Mom & Dad must be so upset, worried, and scared right now. I wish I could let them know I’m OK.”

“We are going to be found alive!”
“We can get through this.”
“Let’s stay strong and bond together.”
“I pray that they find us today and rescue us today.”
“I just need to get through today.”
“I will give every ounce of effort to fight to stay alive.”

I’m not sure exactly what they’ve been thinking as I’ve never been in their exact situation. But I can only imagine how scary it must be. It’s dark. It’s cold. It’s wet. There is no food. They are dehydrated. And they don’t know what the outcome will be.

A few things as I reflect on this situation and felt compelled to share today….

  1. Please continue to pray for these young brave souls as they battle to stay alive. Man, I can’t imagine being the Mom or Dad and having my child stuck in that cave and have zero power to do anything about it. #Pray
  2. Believe in miracles. If and WHEN all these people get out of the cave, it’s going to be a miracle. And I can’t wait to hear the stories of what went on in the cave that kept them alive. We all need miracles to happen at different times in our lives. Pray for miracles. Believe in miracles. And give gratitude for miracles when they happen. #Believe
  3. Shift mindset to SURVIVAL. What keeps YOU going? Is it a FEAR-based mindset or a SURVIVAL mindset? If you’re like me, in tough times, both of them exist. But you have to make the SURVIVAL mindset win out. You can’t dwell in fear. It has to motivate you to shift perspective. It’s a conscious shift that must happen in your toughest of tough times. #Survival #GetUrMindRight
  4. We are always STRONGER than we think. Physical strength is one thing. But mental fortitude, spiritual strength, and will-power can take you way further than you can think. #GetSTRONG #GetYourMindRight #SpiritStrong #WillOverSkill
  5. It sometimes takes a team of heroes to rescue you. In the case of the Thai soccer team, hundreds of first-responders, rescue-experts, and support personnel have come together to orchestrate rescue operations. Unfortunately, one retired Thai Navy Seal Diver died in rescue operations last week.

    What I’m often amazed at is how many heroes arise when there is a crisis, catastrophe, or emergency. It need not take that to be a hero but sometimes the worst of times bring out the BEST in people. #BeAHero

  6. HOPE can keep you ALIVE. I’m not sure what stories are yet to emerge from this situation but you can bet your bottom dollar that there were some STRONG SURVIVAL mindsets that emerged in this group of 12-young kids and a brave coach. There was probably a handful that became the spiritual and energy sources to keep everyone’s hopes alive. And in your darkest days, that’s what you need….HOPE. I can’t wait to read the stories about all these kids…but especially the ones who stepped up and were thrust into leading the SURVIVAL efforts…and driving HOPE that they would be rescued and saved. #Hope

There are times in life when we are on mountain-tops and everything is sailing along smoothly. Man, we could all use more of those times.

Likewise, there will times when hope is bleak, you are not sure you have the strength to carry on, you are stuck in a FEAR-mindset, or you feel trapped in a “cave.”

My hope is that you can use the lessons from these 13 amazing souls and remember the lessons they taught us ALL about the SURVIVAL mindset. It can go a long way toward saving your life also.

Much love,


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