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Many people are looking to build their online brand & business these days. While some people believe building their online brand is just increasing their social media following, it goes way beyond that. Today, I dissect the essential aspects any entrepreneur or individual should do to build their brand and business with online expert Vito LaFata. Vito is someone I’ve known for 10+ years. There is no one I know that has invested more in their personal and business growth than Vito. And for that, you will greatly prosper today.

In today’s episode, you will learn:

  1. The ONE thing that’s most important to be successful online today.
  2. The five phases of building your online brand & business.
  3. Why social media alone will not build a long-term sustainable business model.
  4. What’s working in social media and what’s not.
  5. How Vito went from a burnt-out brick & mortar business owner to potentiating his vision of owning a vineyard and leading retreats to help people discover, create, and live their deepest purpose. 
  6. How do you build an online business if you don’t have a lot of money or a big following yet?
  7. Why having a strong online presence will ultimately allow you to create more success and scale more impact.

There is tremendous value in this episode for anyone looking to amplify their personal or corporate brand and who wants to create more impact. At the end of the episode, Vito has a special offer just for our IMPACT Show guests for an exclusive opportunity to join Vito, his wife, and business partner Anna Renderer, and yours truly on a live call next week.

Enjoy the show, and please share your ONE takeaway over on your social media.

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More on the episode:

1:33 – Meet my friend Vito La Fata

7:58 – 2008 on the verge of bankruptcy
105K in debt, not paying myself, and had to sell my house

10:40 – Lillie Pad Moments
The calling is what’s greater than keeping me here! How can I diversify and get some breathing room? Selling my business and jumping in the online world full-time.

16:25 – What life looks like now for Vito La Fata

21:40 – The Visionary Planner – 5 step process to build an online business and brand

  1. Design your signature system to deliver a clear outcome
  2. Launch focus group style
  3. Automate your signature system 
  4. Leverage your signature system – provides multiple revenue streams
  5. Scale media and team

31:57 – Rapid Fire Questions

  • The smartest thing you’ve done in your online business?
  • What if you don’t have the money?
  • Biggest Mistakes you’ve made?                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

37:57 – 2 Minute drill – Online lessons from Vito La Fata

  • Giants or Patriots?
  • What should someone be doing right now to transition online?
  • If Vito La Fata was to do it all over again, what would he do differently?
  • What are the mindset beliefs the new person building an online business should have?

40:24 – The one thing you must do to thrive again – 7 Figures of wisdom from Vito La Fata

43:44 – A Special Offer from Vito La Fata

About Vito La Fata:

Vito La Fata, a former personal trainer, studio owner, turned online entrepreneur mentors, coaches, and service providers on transforming their expertise into an online business and personal brand. He believes your business should be structured to be a vehicle of independence (not a job) so you can create time, location, and financial freedom with security in your life. Vito is the co-creator of The Visionary Planner, Vision In the Vineyards, and has built multiple 6 and 7 figure online brands over the last ten years. But he’s most proud of the fact that he did all of it so he could be the best dad and husband he could

As an internationally recognized speaker and writer, Vito has contributed to IDEA WORLD, IDEA PTI, IHRSA, MindBody BOLD, Australian Fitness Health Expo, and Canfitpro. He is the co-founder of The Visionary Planner, and Co-Creator of Vision In the Vineyard, and Creator of the Hard Chargers United.  

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