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Can anyone else use a great laugh today?

With the amount of stress and anxiety many are feeling, I think I have some “medicine” for you today.

It might come at my expense as you LAUGH at my poor acting skills but I promise you that you are going to think it’s FUNNY.

My good friend Steve Shenbaum, who is an absolutely amazing man, puts me through these 2 communication games that are awesome. They are called…

  1. “Expert Speaker”
  2. “Red Light, Green Light” 

Please remember what Steve says during the episode, “We are laughing WITH you, not AT you.” 🙁

Enjoy the show…even if it is at my expense!

LISTEN NOW to “Humor is Medicine for the Soul—Game Time with Steve Shenbaum

Enjoy your day and hope it is full of laughter.


P.S. #1.  BONUS Call with Steve Shenbaum TODAY at 1 pm PST/4 pm EST

When: Today, May 7th
Time: 1 pm PST/4 pm EST
Title: “LEVEL-UP”
WHO: Teens & anyone looking to improve communication. Make it mandatory for the kids as they will LOVE it…and LAUGH a ton.


Again, this is a FREE workshop TODAY. With so many young people now still at home, this is the perfect time for teens to build confidence and invest in their future, so they can learn how to prove their value and communicate with confidence!

Hop on today (or have your kids hop on) and get an immediate communication boost and experience the impact of the Level Up exercises first-hand. REGISTER HERE

P.S. #2. Join me 12 Noon PST (3 pm EST) today on the GNN!

I am REVEALING the “GET YOUR MIND RIGHT” BOOK COVER…and sharing some HUGE news.

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