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Carpe Diem

In the movie Dead Poets Society there is a well-known quote that English teacher John Keating (Robin Williams) says, “CARPE DIEM.”

In translation, that means “seize the day” or “seize the moment.”

At the end of STRONG this past week, I walked back on set and Gabby said, “All eliminated trainers and trainees will have the OPPORTUNITY to earn their way back into the game….and you will do that through the elimination tower going SOLO.”

Funny thing is that I never called that thing the “elimination tower.” I only referred to it as the #OpportunityTower.

I knew all along that the thing that could take you out of the game, could also keep you in the game. Or in this case, get you BACK in the game.

OPPORTUNITY exists this week to get back in the game at STRONG.

One of my favorite quotes that has always resonated deeply with me is going to need to serve me well this week: #CarpeDiem

Opportunity exists this week and I plan on seizing the moment.

ACTION STEP for you:
Where in your life can you “seize the moment?”

  • It could be in spending time with your spouse or significant other? Or your kids?
  • It could mean in writing a business proposal that’s a “game-changer” for your company…
  • It could mean getting in an incredible workout today listening to your favorite inspirational music? Or going for a hike in a place that empowers your spirit?
  • Or it could mean capturing 15-minutes to sit quietly and pray, meditate, or journal…

Whatever you choose to do today, be present and make sure you seize life’s opportunities.

#CarpeDiem #IWILL


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P.P.S. Watch the scene from Dead Poets Society here

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