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I have to share a “first-time” story with you. The other day, I was doing a talk to 540 high-school kids. And these kids were on fire. The energy in the room was palpable.

The topic of my talk was the “Champion’s Mindset” and I was talking about 5 principles it takes to have a “champions mindset.”

And then it happened.

While 539 eyes and ears were tuned-in, I saw one kid smack in the middle of the large auditorium sleeping. And that has NEVER happened.

So in the middle of my talk, I have this internal dialogue going on with myself…
“Should I wake him up?”
“I wonder if he has something going on at home and got only 2-3 hours sleep last night.”
“I wonder if he stayed up late playing Fortnite and was just tired.”
“Wake him up… don’t wake him up… wake him up… don’t wake him up….”

This internal dialogue was going on for several minutes in my head as I’m delivering my talk. And then I realized I was talking about “IRON SHARPENS IRON.” And I needed to be his IRON.

So I woke him up!!

See what happens in this video when I saw this kid sleeping AND woke him up from a deep sleep in the middle of my keynote… 🙁

Hey, it doesn’t matter if you are an NFL athlete (and you will see Golden Tate, Darren Sproles, Gerald McCoy, and Chase Daniel in this MRM), a young kid, or a grandma or grandpa… a champion’s mindset is going to require you to do one of my 5 things:

  1. Dream BIG and reverse engineer your success.
  2. Be the hardest worker in the room.
  3. Overcome Adversity.
  4. Develop “muscle.” Mental muscle. Physical muscle. Spiritual muscle.
  5. Live a life worth telling a story about. Regardless of how old you are.

The “iron sharpens iron” part came in during #3 “Overcome Adversity.” And I was talking about sometimes YOU need to be the IRON others NEED you to be.

And at that moment in time, that young man needed ME to be the IRON to wake HIM up so he could hear my message.

Haha. I bet he will never fall asleep in a school chapel or assembly again.


  • If you need to “wake someone up”…DO SO.
  • If you need to call someone out privately because their dreams and effort and commitment aren’t matching up….DO SO.
  • If you need to take action on something that’s been on your list, but it’s not getting done…DO SO.
  • If you want to change your body, mind, or spirit, but your commitment is lacking…CHANGE IT.

Iron sharpens iron. What does that really mean?

Yes, part of it is about WHO you hang out with, train with, study with, live with, etc.

But it means if you see someone “sleeping” and it’s a bit uncomfortable to wake them up…then WAKE THEM UP!!!!

Back to work…#IronSharpensIron


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