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Chasing Greatness & Inside the Huddle with 3 NFL QB’s with Drew Brees, Chase Daniel, and Luis Perez

Today’s episode is a special one as it’s kinda like MindRight Maniac meets the IMPACT Show! As NFL training camps begin around the League, this was our last workout on the field after months of the craziest, most bizarre off-season in my 20+ year career. Today, we feature Drew Brees, Chase Daniel, and Luis Perez as they make final preparations for their upcoming season.

There are 3 parts to today’s show. Part 1 is on my drive over to the football field as I reflect on what very well may be my last training session EVER with 20-year NFL veteran QB Drew Brees. And I talk about what it means to “Chase Greatness.”

Part 2 is “in the huddle” as you will literally be in the huddle with us before, during, and after our training session on the field. 

Part 3 is post-session interviews with Brees, Daniel, and Perez as they reflect back on their off-season training and talk about “Chasing Greatness.” Additionally, they give wisdom to the kiddos who have recently had their fall sports seasons delayed or canceled to make sure their minds are right!

Folks, I always said I was going to keep the IMPACT Show real. It doesn’t get any more real than this. I think you’re going to enjoy coming along for the drive with me and stepping into the huddle. Buckle-up your chinstrap, put on your helmet, lace up your cleats, and let’s get ready to CHASE GREATNESS!

If you are a football fan and can’t wait for the season to start, you are going to love this episode. Please share it on your social media or text the episode link to 5-friends who are NFL friends. Likewise, make sure your kiddos listen to this one!

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More on the episode:

:42 – Take a drive with me on Route 56 as I talk football
Last day of offseason training

5:22 – Real talk in the huddle with TD

9:28- Huddle talk with Drew Brees–WOW from one of the G.O.A.T.’s of all-time
“I live my life proving to those who believe in me right vs trying to prove those who don’t believe in me wrong.”

13:03 – Huddle talk – Wisdom from 12-year veteran QB Chase Daniel
“Be a sponge, learn, and soak it up.”

14:52 – There is always another level
“Be Humble Be Hungry”

15:48 – Chasing Greatness with Chase Daniel

20:30 – Chasing Greatness in Year 20 with Drew Brees

27:47 – Chasing the dream to play in the NFL with Luis Perez

36:11 – Final thoughts on the drive home on Route 56  

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