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Club #Contagiasm | FREE Giveaways

I recently announced my new giveaway program, Club #Contagiasm, on Facebook Live / TD TV.

I’m committed to delivering you incredible content via Instagram & cultivating our community.

Club #Contagiasm is my way of saying THANK YOU for your support & commitment through weekly giveaways.


First, follow me on Instagram.

To win prizes, simply COMMENT #Contagiasm when you see me post an infographic (like this & this).

If you comment within the first 3-5 minutes of the post going up, you’re eligible to win.


Prizes include t-shirts, signed books, IMPACT gear, WOW gear, DVDs, & gifts from sponsors.


The best way to win is to turn on notifications

(Go to my Instagram page, click the 3 dots in the upper right corner […], select ‘Turn On Notifications’ from the drop-down).

You’ll now get an alert right when I post.

When you see an infographic, you have 3-5 minutes to like & comment #Contagiasm.


Turn on Instagram notifications.

Watch for infographics.

Like & comment #Contagiasm within 5 minutes of new posts.

Win FREE swag!

— TD



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