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Coaching Kids Today–Top 10 Must-Do’s for All Coaches

I love coaching. It’s one of the favorite things I do. And when it comes to coaching, coaching & leading kids is one of the IMPACTFUL things anyone can do. There are some great coaches out there. And there are some coaches who need a lot of work. Whether you are a parent on the sidelines, a coach who volunteers, or you’re a paid coach doing this for a living, I believe my “10 Points To Do When Coaching Kids or Athletes” will help you maximize your impact. And kids, I have a special message for you at the end…BE SURE TO LISTEN-IN!!

More on the episode:

3:48 – The Different Hats You Wear
(And the power of adding commas between them.)

7:29 – Point 1: Make Practice The Hard Part
Keeping the tempo, establishing a structure, and mastering the process. 

10:20 – Point 2: Your Words Hold Power

12:52 – Point 3: Communicate WHY
Everything has to have a purpose

13:49 – Point 4: Simplify
Simplicity = tool for success

15:13 – Point 5: Get The Athlete To Fall In Love With The Process
The difference is in the preparation and the discipline. 

16:48 – Point 6: Create A Winning Mindset And Environment

21:23 – Point 7: Help Your Athletes Get Their Mind Right

22:49 – Say Nothing Challenge
Andrew Simpson (P10 Level Mastermind member) came up with a challenge for parents “Say Nothing Challenge” & it included a few points: no pregame reminders, no bribes, keep it simple, no post-game game talk, and no yelling during games. Check it out here.

26:01 – Point 8: Stop Striving to Be Perfect–it will set you up for failure.

27:53 – Point 9: It’s not about the Highlight Reel

29:38 – Point 10: Train Your Butt Off

31:58 – Training Is A Lifetime Commitment

34:40 – Integrity
Who are you when no one is watching? 

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