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Congrats to my son Brady—he launched a book today!

Hey guys, today is a big day in the Durkin household. My son Brady launched his first book today on Amazon, called QuaranTEEN.

Let me Explain:

In March 2020, the United States effectively shut down. A new coronavirus, COVID-19, swept the globe and everyone was told to stay at home until further notice.

Although the unprecedented quarantine affected everyone, there was one group that seemed particularly impacted–TEENAGERS. No longer able to go to school, participate in sports, or visit with their friends, the situation was a significant challenge for them. And it STILL is!

So my friends Kelli Watson and Greg Justice (Scriptor Publishing) gathered 9-teens who were interested in writing a collaborative book. And it all officially launched this morning!


This collaborative book was created to give teens a positive, proactive project during this time. In the book, nine teenagers from across the United States share their quarantine experiences. Each of their stories provides their unique perspective of this moment in time as well as the lessons they have learned along the way.

These teens have deeply internalized what is happening, and you will be inspired by their deep thoughts and their writing. In the end, you will discover the hopeful vision they have for our future.

Congratulations to 9-young new authors (who were all between 13 and 18 years old!):

  1. Mia Conca (14-years old)
  2. Eva Fahrenkrog (14-years old)
  3. Brook Holman (13-years old)
  4. Lauren Kern (16-years old)
  5. Chase Lormand (16-years old)
  6. Chris Slevarajah (15-years old)
  7. Jeremy Slevarajah (15-years old)
  8. Helen Treacy (18-years old)
  9. Brady Durkin (16-years old)

Pick up a copy today and support their endeavors to make the world a better place to live.

Purchase the QuaranTEEN book here.

Thanks for reading. Brady is one proud camper this morning and I’m proud of him and all these new authors. They have taken one of the toughest times in our history and have created a product that will forever be cemented in legacy.

I call that IMPACT!!!

Much love…and lots of IMPACT!


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