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Let me ask you a question. When in your LIFE were you most scared?

Was it as a kid when you thought the boogie-man lived under your bed?

Was it when you entered into middle-school or high-school and you were nervous about the “upperclassmen”?

Or was it when you left to go to college and start out on your own for the first time in life?

Or perhaps you were most scared when you got your first job? Or when you got married? Or had your first child.

Some of it is exciting. ALL of it was a bit scary.

The most scared I had ever been was when I opened my business, Fitness Quest 10.

I was 29 years old. I was single. I had no clients. I had no money. And I had no business plan.

Not a great way to start a business. And I would NOT suggest doing so.

I remember driving down Pomerado Road (close to the gym) after opening literally feeling like I was going to puke I was so nervous and scared.

To me, the hardest and scariest part was starting. But let me take you back to WHY I really started in the first place.

Meet Ken Sawyer

I wish I could tell you that I had some deep driving WHY behind opening my gym. Sure, I wanted to help people and I knew I liked fitness, sport, and bodywork/massage. But I really LOVED working with people. And I wanted to help people BE BETTER.

6-months BEFORE opening my business, when the idea of starting a fitness business was still just embryonic, I found a little 600 square foot studio that I fell in love with. I really envisioned myself training and doing massage & bodywork out of there. I was pumped.

After all, I had just finished graduate school, turned down a full-time teaching & coaching position at the college level, and I was ready to take a shot at my own thing.

The overhead was low. It was close to where I was living, and I could envision my functional exercise equipment and a couple of massage tables in the space. I was convinced this was the next step for me.

Well, that is until I told my best friend, Ken Sawyer, my plans.

He literally laughed at me and said, “You are NOT doing that. You can DO BETTER than a 600-square foot closet. You need something that you can grow and expand into over your next few years.”

And then he said something I’ll never forget, “TD, now is the time for you in your life to take big risks.”

I rebutted, “Ken, I can’t afford to take RISKS right now.”

To which he responded, “Bull crap. You have NOTHING to lose. You’re single. You have a 1987 Volvo with the velour hanging down from the ceiling. You don’t own a home. You have very few assets. Heck, you barely have enough money to put gas in that piece of crap.”

And then he went on… “So don’t tell me now is not the PERFECT time to take a risk. You have NOTHING to lose…literally.”

Well didn’t that make me feel like a loser? I can tell you it certainly didn’t make me feel good.

But he was right. I had nothing to lose. Why NOT go for my dream place NOW?

Six months later, I found that “dream location” and opened my 2,000 square foot studio, Fitness Quest 10, in January 2000. And the rest is history.

There were many a day after I opened Fitness Quest 10 that Ken would come up to me and joke about how he wished I’d only opened that “one-room closet” to train one person at a time. And he would just laugh and laugh, as people were bustling all over the place and practically tripping over each other.

After multiple expansions and much growth of Fitness Quest 10, Ken and I would often reflect about life and how you need to live life to its fullest NOW…and not wait.

Pretty interesting that after Ken “Sawman’s” tragic death in 2012, there was a yellow sticky note taped to his computer screen that said the following words: DO BETTER!!!

Do better. Think about that. Do better.

How can you DO BETTER?

Think about that question. How can you do better?

  • Maybe it’s in your business or career.
  • Or the leadership on your team.
  • Or how you are marketing your message and story to promote your brand.
  • Or how you are enhancing your personal brand, growing your platform, and delivering IMPACT to more people.
  • Or the communication with your spouse.
  • Or being present with your kids and not scrolling on your phone when you’re around them.
  • Maybe it’s your own physical conditioning or nutrition.
  • Maybe it’s finally doing what you have been saying you’re going to do for the past few months. Or years.
  • Maybe it’s in your investment of time and energy into your own personal and professional growth.
  • And the list goes on and on…

To me, the mindset and lesson I learned from Ken Sawyer is that we can always DO BETTER. I use the mantra “1% Better Everyday” (now more than ever) as a daily reminder of my continual improvement.

How about you? What is ONE THING you can do to get 1% Better Today?

Much love…and much BETTER!!! 🙂


P.S. I want to help you DO BETTER?

If you are a fitness pro, trainer, or coach, there was never a BETTER TIME than NOW for me to help you.
If you are scared, perfect. I was too.
If you are successful, perfect. I was too. There is always another level.
If you are searching for more IMPACT. Even better. NOW is the time to take RISK.

Just like “Sawman” telling me, “NOW IS THE TIME TO TAKE RISK,” I am telling you that “NOW IS THE TIME TO TAKE RISK.”
And you have nothing to lose.

Sign up for my TD Mastermind coaching program between now and December 26th, 2018, and I am personally going to help you DO BETTER.

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