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Do you have a $2,400 appetite?

The water fountain broke at Fitness Quest 10 a few weeks ago. Not good. Lots of sweat and thirst. And no water fountain.

First things first, I didn’t realize that a water fountain costs about $1,800. Wow. And then my GM Julie Wilcox came to me and asked if we wanted to upgrade it to the upgraded, deluxe version.

And I asked, “What is an ‘upgraded’ water fountain?”

And Julie began to share the features of an “upgraded” water fountain.
Filtered water.
Special feature to fill water-bottles.
Energy and water saver.

I asked the natural next question, “How much more does it cost?” And she stated “$600.00.”

And I quickly thought about it. More convenient. More efficient. And better, healthier water.

And I said, “Heck YESSSS!!!!”

Screen Shot 2015-04-30 at 11.37.50 AM

And in the one-week that we’ve had the new water fountain, I can’t tell you how many people have come up and thanked me for the new water fountain and how much they like it.

Why do I share with you?

There is a saying by Tom Ziglar (Zig Ziglar’s son) that says, “What you feed your mind, determines your appetite.”

I interpret that as what you listen to and watch has an effect on your mindset. Feeding your brain positive mantras, quotes, and inspiration will help empower and drive you to be your best.

I also interpret that quote to mean “Treat yourself as world-class. And invest in the best if it’s going to make you better. If you expect the best, prepare for the best, plan for the best, work to be the best…the BEST typically occurs.” It’s all about MINDSET.

My friends, the water fountain is just a small-example of the “price” of world-class thinking. Was the extra $600.00 worth it?

You betcha.

You’re drinking better water.
You’re better hydrated.
You’re healthier.
You feel better.
You are better.

One small decision. One big result. #MindsetMatters

Think about what one “small” decision you can make today that will ultimately pay huge dividends in your mind or body?

It could be what you watch, or DON’T watch, on TV.
It could be the type of books that you are reading, or NOT reading.
It could be WHO you are hanging out with, or NOT hanging out with.
It could be WHAT you are eating or drinking, or NOT eating or drinking.

Or it could be the type of water fountain you drink out of!

Create a great day…lots of sweating and great HYDRATION!!!!

Much love and lots of water,


Todd Durkin, MA, CSCS, NCTMB
Owner, Fitness Quest 10 & Todd Durkin Enterprises
Lead Training Advisor, Under Armour
Author, The IMPACT Body Plan

P.S. MINDSET MATTERS. Choose a great mindset for today and make choices that are going to fuel your body & mind with world-class performance!

And oh yeah, when you drink out of the new water fountain, can you let me know if the water tastes better???

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