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Do You Need to MEDITATE More?

One of the most common questions and inquiries I have received recently deals with “meditation” and how to include it in one’s routine. Many people want to include more meditation into their routine but have a tough time making it a regular habit.

I have some thoughts…

Let me share some of my thoughts about meditation, how to consistently include more meditation into your schedule, and even debunk some of the myths about it.

First off, meditation does NOT have to be some esoteric, “airy-fairy” exercise where you sit for 30-minutes cross-legged chanting “Ummmmm.” While there is nothing wrong with that and I know many people who practice everything from transcendental meditation and Zazen to mindfulness meditation and prayer.

The bottom line is that taking time “out” to go “in” is extremely beneficial.

To me, meditation is simply quieting the mind and using a specific time period to “Get Your Mind & Spirit Right.” Whereas I used to think it had to be a real formal activity, I believe it’s most important to set up the discipline to “meditate” regularly. That can be for 30-seconds. 3-minutes. 5-minutes. 15-minutes. Or an hour.

As a matter of fact, many people have even asked me the difference between meditation & prayer. While they are closely interrelated, my definition is that:

“Meditation is listening to God. Prayer is talking to God.”

They are very closely related, and I look at prayer as a form of meditation.

Personally, besides prayer, I actually meditate in a few different ways during the week. Here are my Top 3 Ways:

  1. A gratitude walk. I’ll spend part of my 30-minute morning walk in silence. I’ll listen to the birds chirping, the wind blowing, and the silence of pre-sunrise to enjoy some gratitude and quiet time. After that, I will typically turn on a podcast to complete the stroll. 
  2. Journaling time. The first few minutes of journaling time for me is sitting in silence. You have heard me say to “Tap into the Whispers.” I do believe that God speaks in whispers and not shouts. That takes devoted effort to sit down and quiet the mind. #Listen #Tap-In

    And if you journal (which I highly recommend), you can spend time writing down what was whispered to you. If you consistently keep hearing the same message, clearly God is communicating to take action on whatever He is whispering.

    After that, that is when I typically pray for a few minutes after journaling. That’s up to you what you do, your beliefs, and how you spend your time. But the power of putting things on paper and having quiet time is extremely powerful.
    Journaling time is one of my favorite forms of meditation.
  3. Guided audio meditations. I LOVE guided audio meditations as well.
    They keep me from drifting off to start thinking about work, my day, or something else.
    They allow me to stay in the here & now.
    They allow me to focus on a mantra or theme that gets my “mind right” or “soul right.”
    They typically provide perspective on the day.
    They often will motivate or inspire me as well!

    As a matter of fact, I have a special opportunity for YOU today that I want you to take action on…

Because I believe in the power of AUDIO MEDITATIONS, I created a “21-Day Audio Meditation” program that I want to GIFT to you today for FREE.

It is 21-Days of Audio Meditations of me and my better half, my wife Melanie, delivering AUDIO MEDITATIONS for 5-15 minutes for 21-consecutive days.

Interesting Image

My wife Melanie & I delivering our “21-Day AUDIO Meditation Program” for FREE to you You can listen to our free program while walking, working out, sitting in silence with an open journal or notebook, while traveling, cooking breakfast, or doing odds-and-ends around the house. But my challenge is for you to do it for 21-straight days.

JOIN my FREE “21-Day Audio MEDITATION CHALLENGE” TODAY by texting meditation to (619)304-2216!

By joining and listening to my “21-Day Meditation Challenge,” I know that you will feel less stressed, less anxious, less tired, and fatigued.

You will in-turn feel MORE balanced. Serene. Happy. Inspired. And ready to conquer the day.

Text meditation for (619)304-2216 today to take part in the 21-Day Challenge for FREE which begins on Monday, Oct 18th!

My friend, most of us want to meditate more. So whether meditation for you is prayer, exercise, quiet time, listening to guided audios, or just sitting in silence, I do want to CHALLENGE you to do it for 21-straight days.

And yes, we will officially kick it off next Monday, Oct 18th. But COMMIT Today. By joining my 21-Day Challenge through my new “Community” platform, I will be delivering some other exclusive benefits, surprises, and messages that ONLY people who JOIN the meditation will receive.

So JOIN TODAY, and I promise you that it will be some of the BEST 21-consecutive days that you’ve had in a while, as it relates to headspace & heart-space. Buckle-up. I can’t wait to see you in “Community,” where I will deliver the program.

Text my new number (619)304-2216 the word “meditate” right now to join! Is this the only way to join my FREE “21-Day Guided Audio Meditation Challenge?”

The answer is YES! My new mobile phone number really is ME and I see every text that you send to me. So thank you. Keep them coming!!

I’m really excited to be able to communicate with you even more now. So drop me a message and say hello.

Simply text me “Meditate” to (619)304-2216 and I will text you back.

And then share with me anything on your mind. Examples could be…

  1. What you do for a living and how I can best serve you?
  2. Anything you are struggling with and how I can serve you.
  3. Prayer requests.
  4. Just to say hello and what you love about being part of my “Community” of fire-breathing dragons & MindRight Maniacs.

Ready….GO… officially become part of my new “MindRight Community” to receive special surprises, early announcements, exclusive offers & opportunities, and even special giveaways to those “IN” the community.

Text (619)304-2216 NOW!  I appreciate your time & energy, and I hope my words are of VALUE today. If you take action and sign-up for my 21-Day Meditation, it will improve the quality of your health, fitness, mindset, and heartset.

Thanks for what you do and who you are. Let’s be a LIGHT today and shine this week. The world sure needs YOU at your BEST.

Much love, lots of light…and even some meditation & prayer.


P.S. Additional ACTION STEPS to take part in until October 18th to FEEL more Energy, Positivity, Balance, and Optimism NOW…

While we have a little bit of time before the 21-Day Meditation Challenge officially starts, I do NOT want you to wait for Melanie & my MEDITATION PROGRAM next week to begin the process.

From now until October 18th, I have a few action steps you can take AFTER you sign-up to best prepare you for what I will be delivering and to help your personal growth & improvement NOW:

1. Go on a daily walk for at least 10-minutes. It doesn’t matter if it’s in the early morning, lunchtime, or after dinner. I’d like for you to start that habit immediately if you are not consistently doing that.

2. Get 2 minutes of quiet time, 5x this week. This is just where you sit or lay in complete silence. You can count your blessings. Pray. Or just be mindless. Try it. Morning or evening. Or both!

3. Journal. Get out a notebook & pen. After sitting in silence for 2-minutes, you can write down your thoughts for 5-minutes or so. Here are a few prompts:

  • What you are most grateful for…
  • Who you are most grateful for…
  • What are the whispers you are hearing…
  • Who can you pour into today…
  • What is one thing you must do today personally or professionally to “win the day.”

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