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Do you play better when you have a chip on your shoulder? I DO!!!

I gotta tell you I got a bit irritated and fired up the other day.

The pre-season polls came out on Tuesday for my new arena football team (San Diego Strike Force; Indoor Football League) that I’m working with, and we were picked 14th… out of 14 teams.

I said, “WE WERE PICKED 14th out of 14 teams!” That is LAST place for a 16-week season. NG.

At first, I was irritated. For about 2-minutes.

Then I smiled. And remembered WHY I took on this project as the GM of the team.
To turn around the culture and make it a winner.
To make it a champion.
To win a “United Bowl.”
To take it from the basement to the top.
From the outhouse to the penthouse.

It’s easy when you take over an organization that already has a “winning culture” and everything is in place. This situation is NOT that.

But honestly, one of the main reasons I accepted the role as GM is to see if I could take the same principles I used in building a world-class gym and performance facility, and have it parlay into a different setting…Arena Football in this case.

Time will tell. But I can promise you this…like you probably, I play better with a chip on my shoulder.

I like when the odds are stacked against me.
I like when they pick the “other” guy.
I hate when complacency or mediocrity sets in.

Be sure to tune-in and watch how the season unfolds. There will be wins. There may even be a few losses. And in the end, WE will be the ones standing.

And you can mark my word right now…it’s from that danged “chip on the shoulder” when they didn’t think we could do it.

Thank you @indoorfootballleague for the chip. I needed that extra “motivation” this week!

Do you have a chip on your shoulder?

So let me ask you, “Do you have a chip on your shoulder?”

If so, how can you USE IT for the better? Not to be bitter…but to be BETTER.

If you don’t have a chip on your shoulder, find what motivates you to go to a level even DEEPER than where you are at now. There is ALWAYS another level.

I haven’t found that Level yet. I’m seeking it. And I don’t care if it’s in the NFL. MLB. Amazon. Google. Starbucks. Apple. Under Armour.

Or the San Diego Strike Force in the Indoor Football League (arena football).

Find the NEXT LEVEL in your business, career, and SELF.

And the next time they pick YOU last, smile, roll up the sleeves, get to work, and REMEMBER WHO YOU ARE.

Create an awesome day… and play with a chip on your shoulder.

See ya in the endzone.


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