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Don’t Forget Who YOU Are

OMG. Pandemonium. Euphoria. Shock the world. Carpe Diem. David vs. Goliath. #MiracleInTheTower

Were you as shocked as me last night when I stunned the “outside” world and pulled off one of the biggest upsets of my entire career?

I can honestly say what you saw last night was one of my top “sports highlights” in my entire athletic career. It truly was epic.

I have won high school football championships. I have won college football League championships. I had been named MVP of teams in the past.

But never have I pulled off something like last night. Ever.

No one believed in me. None of the other trainers certainly think I could have pulled off winning that Elimination Tower last night. I mean the Opportunity Tower.

They all thought I was too old. And too beat up physically.

And in many ways, if I were them, I would think the same thing.

But I’m not them and I couldn’t let the “stinking thinking” set into my mindset.

There was one turning point last night that you didn’t see on camera…that was a very powerful experience for me and one that I will never forget…and one that ultimately changed the game.

Right after Drew Logan (Red Team) crushed his time of 2:35 in the Tower, it was my turn. And a feeling of nausea came over me. I literally thought I was going to puke.

And then something happened. I must have had a look on my face of like “Oh my goodness…how am I going to top that performance?”

Just then, Chris Ryan (Orange Team) turned to me, looked me in the eyes and said very deliberately,

“Don’t forget who YOU are…you are Todd Freakin’ Durkin. You got this.”

And I remember thinking, “Oh yeah, that’s right. I am. I almost forgot.”

I snapped my IMPACT band, got off the podium, approached the Tower, and it was my turn to make magic happen. And the rest is history.

I shredded the tower, beat Drew by a few seconds, and earned my way back into the game.

Lesson of the Story:
All of us sometimes need to be reminded WHO WE ARE. We need to be reminded of the power within us. Especially in life’s most challenging or difficult times.

Whether it be a family member, friend, colleague, teammate, or even an “opponent,” go out of your way to look for the greatness in people and then remind them who they are.

Unfortunately, Chris Ryan and his partner Giovanna Cicerchia got ousted later in the episode despite a heroic effort and went home. But I will NEVER forget the power of his words at a crucial time of my life:

“Don’t forget who you are… you are Todd Freakin’ Durkin.”

Those words will stay with me forever.

My friends, all of us have way more power and STRENGTH in us than we know. Every now and then, it just takes someone to remind us of that.

Thank you Chris for reminding me when I most needed it.

Today, don’t forget WHO you are…the power is within YOU to shock the world also.

Much love and many thanks. Don’t forget who you are!



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