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Doormat to Dynasty – The Mindset & Making of a Champion Coach Scott Goodale

What’s up podcast fans? You’re in for a real treat today as my guest is someone I’ve known and competed against since my Pop Warner football days. Meet Coach Scott Goodale, the head wrestling coach at Rutgers University. His story from taking a program from near extinction to a perennial national power is nothing short of extraordinary. In 13-years at the helm, Coach Goodale has developed 2-national champions, 10 All-Americans, and he’s the winningest coach in Rutgers history with 173 victories.

Scott shares how we went from his “dream job” of teaching and coaching in high school to a chance 6-hour interview to resurrect a collegiate program that was not far from being eliminated. He shares his philosophy on building a winning culture, his best practices, the “turning point” for Rutgers wrestling, and what drives him and his teams to be great. Thanks for tuning in and enjoy the show!

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More on the episode:

2:33- Meet Coach Scott Goodale
We competed against each other in Pop Warner football and high school and now he’s the Head Wrestling Coach at Rutgers University.

8:29- High school Teacher & Coach… to Division I Wrestling Coach
His dream was just to go back home and coach at his high school. And after much success, another opportunity came along…

10:57- The 5 Point Plan To Make Rutgers Wrestling Relevant (Again)
Recruiting, coaching staff, practice plans & more…

12:05- The Six Hour Interview That Changed Everything
“Do I leave everything I ever wanted to take on this new challenge?”

13:29- How He Made The Big Decision To Go To Rutgers
The time was finally right.

16:45- Scott’s Learning Curve On How To Be A Great Coach
You’ve got to work for MORE than the wins.

17:49- What Makes Rutgers Coaching Great
Mentality, mindset, & work-ethic.

19:34- Scott Reflecting On His Very First Meet At Rutgers Compared To Now…
A humbling experience. 🙂

21:01- The Turning Point For The Program
From non-existent program to bid for a national championship.

25:13- Building And Keeping The Winning Culture At Rutgers
“The big 3.”

28:52- “What Do You Think Your National Champion Players Would Say About You, Coach?”

30:21- “What’s The Best Part Of Your Job Now?”
“My biggest fulfillment comes from watching these guys achieve their goals.”

30:44- The Worst Part Of His Job…

31:16- What Keeps Scott Going…

32:21- A Championship Lifestyle
It’s more than wrestling.

39:01- Scott’s Best Practices

41:43- How Scott Balances Home Life And Professional Life
His support system & learning how to shut it off.

44:30- Having God In His Life
Wrestling doesn’t define him.

46:04- Rapid Fire Q&A’s
Scott’s secret favorite sport, football memories, and a visit back to Jersey from TD?

48:24- What To Expect From The Rutger’s Wrestling Program Going Forward
#4 recruiting class in the country.

51:16- Why Scott Does What He Does…

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