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Drill Instructor to DREAM DIVER with Ira Davis

Who is ready to get fired-up to rediscover their purpose or ignite the dreams inside of you? If so, I have a man you NEED to hear from today. As a matter of fact, he came into my life about 5-years ago at a time when I wanted/needed to start going even deeper on my own dream and the IMPACT I was creating in life. And he’s helped me do a ton of “transformational” work the last few years.

Meet Ira Davis. He’s a former Marine Corps drill-instructor turned founder and CEO of the DreamDiver Company. His goal in life is to help aspiring pioneers, visionaries, and world-changers discover their purpose and dive for their dreams to impact the world. And he’s one heckuva “creative” and coach.

In this episode, you are going to get a back story on our relationship, how and why we started working together, and how his coaching allowed me to press deeper into my purpose. Ira is the one who created my life-documentary. He helped me create and manifest the vision of the “MindRight Maniac” community, prompted me to start this IMPACT Show podcast, do more speaking gigs, and ultimately write my new book, GET YOUR MIND RIGHT. To say he deepened my dream to “IMPACT 10-million people in my lifetime” is an understatement. He ignited my dream like fire!

And I want you to meet him today. Ira Davis is one of the men who behinds-the-scenes has most impacted my development in the last 5-years. He’s a secret weapon who for the first time I’m sharing with my community. Enjoy the conversation and I hope the words shared inspire you to DIVE deeper than ever before on your passions, purpose, and DREAMS. That would allow you to be a “DREAM-DIVER” also!

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More on the episode:

1:26 – How Todd met today’s guest Ira Davis.

3:35 – Who is Ira Davis
A call that led to Todd’s documentary, the MIndRight Maniac movement, the podcast, more speaking gigs, and the new book Get Your Mind Right.  

5:30 – Becoming a Dream Diver
Ira shares how he went from Marine Instructor to Dream Diver in the 3 months that changed his life.

10:55 – Battling Depression
How depression impacted Ira’s life.

13:25 – What does it mean to be a Dream Diver?  
Ira shares how he helps people discover their dreams.

17:07- What is a Dream Diver?  
Understanding the purpose and dream.

18:45 – Filming Darren Sproles…
Ira shares how he met Todd during filming Daren Sproles and how he walked away from what he should do versus what he was born to do.

22:39 – Tapping into the Whispers
Todd and Ira go deep and talk about how Ira helped Todd open the gate to tap into his whispers.

24:58 – Inside and Out
Ira shares why the world needs to meet Todd inside and out.

26:14 – Break Down the Barriers 
Learn who we really are.

28:40 – How to make a change in your life using the Dream Diver Formula
Most people don’t change unless their back is up against the wall; Ira shares the Dream Diver Formula – Capabilities + Your Cause + Your Solution = Your Purpose

34:22 – Finding the juice!
Todd shares his soul searching for more.  

36:04 – Why it matters that people have a God-sized Dream 
PURPOSE-DEMIC!  Reinvent yourself.

41:12 – Everything you need is a book away
Sharing the advice needed to anyone who is wanting to rebuild and make a change.

44:38 – How Ira’s therapist helped carve out his dream
The Marine Corp was not a fit for Ira’s character.  

46:43 – It had to happen! 
Ira shares his gratitude for the experience in the Marine Corp that led to his Dream Diver Purpose.

50:21- What is next for Ira Davis?
Change the World Brick by Brick!

54:30- Thank You Ira Davis!  Wrap up.
John Maxwell quote “I want to  make a difference with people who want to make a difference, doing something that makes a difference.”

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