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Embrace the Grind

“Some days you got it…some days you don’t. It’s the days you DON’T have it, that you gotta FIND it.”
That’s a quote I say all the time. It’s the ability to “flip the switch” when the switch needs flippin’.

Maybe you are waking up tired today…

Maybe you are dragging your little sleepy tail around wondering when you’re going to kick it into high-gear…

Maybe you are facing adversity, obstacles, setbacks, or challenge today…

Or maybe you just need a little extra “umph” in your step…

If so, I made this Dose of Durkin video just for YOU. It’s called “EMBRACE THE GRIND” and I think you’re going to like it!  (If so, please be sure to SHARE it).

Are you ready to “Embrace the Grind”?  Ready…BEGIN!!!

Hopefully this video serves as like your 2rd cup of morning coffee to give you an extra jolt of motivation and energy.
Or perhaps your double espresso.
Or maybe your protein shake with some extra macca, almond butter, ginseng, and spirulina. ☺

Listen to the words carefully…
Share them with your kids…
Apply them yourself…

And go out there and kick some butt today!!! #EmbraceTheGrind

Much love…it’s time to GRIND!


P.S. What’s the best way to SHARE this message?
First, make sure you are out GRINDING today. ☺
Second, simply forward this email to a friend or family member who NEEDS to hear this message.

And please remember to tell them to sign up for their FREE Monday Dose of Durkin at

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