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Energy Amplified: A Recent High School Keynote

I love presenting and giving keynotes speeches. Especially when they are live and in-person. And while 90% of my talks & keynotes are to a secular audience, a few times a year I get asked to speak at a chapel service or an FCA huddle where I can share my faith. This podcast episode is from a chapel service I recently gave to about 800-kids at Christian Unified schools here in San Diego, CA. While this “Energy Amplified” talk was created specifically for the students, it also resonated with the teachers, administration, and leadership. I believe you will find value as well.

In today’s episode, I specifically share:

  •  Why enthusiasm and energy are important these days and how to live with more optimism and hope in troubling and dark times.
  •  Why habits are important and how you can amplify your good habits and extinguish your bad ones.
  • An embarrassing habit that I need to get rid of.
  •  The importance of good health, what you should eat and drink for optimal health, and how frequently you should work out to feel good and optimize your energy.
  • How to ‘get your mind right’ so you can fulfill your goals and accomplish your dreams.
  •  Some of my favorite scripture verses to help you strengthen your faith.

While I don’t always get to incorporate God in my talks like I did in this one, I do believe He is with me during all of them. To be able to share the importance of faith with these young men and women, who are in an extremely formidable time of their lives, is true impact in my world. I hope the message also speaks to you regardless of your age, faith, or beliefs.

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More on the episode:

Intro: Todd shares about a keynote speech he recently gave to Christian Unified schools students. 

2:55 –  What is E.N.E.R.G.Y.?

3:19 – E is for Enthusiasm.
Nothing ever great was accomplished without enthusiasm. Contagious + Enthusiasm = Contagiasm.   

4:43 – N is for No bad habits.
Create a good habit that will get you where you want to go. Todd shares some of his bad habits. Your life, your terms.

10:12 – E is for Extraordinary health and energy.
Mind, body, soul connection. Challenge yourself.

15:27 – R is for Rules and resolutions – for your best life.
Getting to the next level.

16:10 – G is for Get your mind right – to live your God-Sized Dreams.
Todd shares about his back injury. Energy can be created and absorbed.

Good habits get and help keep your mind right

32:40 – Y is for Yahweh & yes to more FUN!
Todd shares some of his favorite passages. Final prayer with Todd.

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