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It’s August. Can you believe it?

I spent part of my Sunday organizing and doing some “Red tape.” I went through my closet and have a huge bag of shirts and shoes that I’m going to give away. A good ole spring cleaning or “purge party.”

As much as I don’t enjoy organizing, it always feels so good when you get rid of things and clean house.

Also, I am officially in my new home office. We have spent the better part of 3 months converting the downstairs kids playroom into my new office. The kids are now of an age (12, 10, 7) that they don’t need a playroom. And I wanted to create my “dream” office. So it is done and I’m on fire!! I LOVE IT!!!


You’re environment plays a major role in how you feel and the results you get. As mentor Wayne Cotton told me, “You can’t think big in a cluttered office.”

And I will add that when you get your entire “house in order”, it’s a responsibility that not only pleases your spouse :), but it helps your overall productivity and results.

So I want you to think about your physical environment. What can you do to improve it this week?

· Is it cleaning or re-organizing your home office?

· Is it cleaning out your closet of clothes you haven’t worn in 6+ months and donating it to goodwill or someone who wants/needs it?

· Is it cleaning out the trunk of your car that is full of junk?

· Is it reorganizing your files & paperwork to get your house in order?

· Is it painting a bedroom?

· Is it putting plants/greenery in your office or bedroom to bring some energy to it?

· Is it re-designing an office or room to give it new life?

What can you do to YOUR ENVIRONMENT to provide for new ENERGY and new LIFE?

Brendin Burchard in his MOTIVATION MANIFESTO (page 66) says, Let us also be more disciplined in shaping our “physical environments” to amplify our emotions. We should love the spaces we spend our time in, and if we do not, we should make immediate changes. Walking into our homes should bring peace and the ability to rejuvenate.  We should have plenty of light and a place where we cannot be disturbed so that we can reflect, think, plan,make art.”

Furthermore, he statesWe should feel comfortable where we sleep and where we think. Our workspaces should inspire us. And we should have a ready contact list of other driven people to call upon when we need new inspiration. If we do not, again we must make immediate changes to find and cultivate such relationships. If we lack a supportive place to live and work, or a positive peer group, let it be our mission to manifest those things in our lives. Our ENVIRONMENT matters and so we shall shape it to lift us into the next realm of motivation and joy.”

There is no doubt that your physical environment IMPACTS your mental state and mindset. So change what you need to change to enhance your environment. And your mindset. And do it NOW.

And once you do, the newfound motivation and inspiration of your “change” in ENVIRONMENT can help you drive the positive HABIT to help keep things looking clean, neat, and organized.

My friends, take ACTION this week on your ENVIRONMENT. Whether it’s a good ole summer cleaning, a quick run through your closet to get rid of things you don’t need anymore, or you dream up your ideal work, sleep, play, or workout space, enhance your ENVIRONMENT this week and watch how it motivates and inspires your energy on all levels.

Much love… and much inspiration!



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