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Ep. 71 Shownotes: STRONG–When You’re on the Platform All Alone | IMPACT Q&A

Have you ever gone so deep that you had to put every ounce of effort into overcoming a gut-wrenching challenge, massive adversity, doubt, or even fear? For me, the answer is yes. In today’s episode, I share my experience on NBC STRONG (now airing on Netflix) and how that proved to be a very deep and personally transformative experience for me. Some of the stories I have not shared publicly…until today!

In today’s episode, I share 5 deep lessons, stories, and wisdom discovered while in the midst of battling for not only a half-million dollars on STRONG but what I did to garner the strength when I didn’t think I had much left. This includes what I did to overcome nearly passing out of pure fatigue and exhaustion during the Finals, how prayer impacted me during the tough times and what I did on the “Elimination Tower” platform every time I competed to help me find strength that I didn’t necessarily know I had. That one is going to make you laugh.

This episode will inspire you. It will challenge you to go deep. It will remind you who you are. And you will realize that everything we are facing today, that you CAN and WILL get through it because you don’t know how STRONG you are until STRONG is all you have left. #WeGotThis

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Shoutout to Kelly Young (IG: kellys_bootcamp) for the wonderful email and share that prompted today’s episode. Keep your emails, DM’s, and comments coming…I see & read ALL of them!


1:02 Todd announces his new “Get YOKED Program” visit

2:48 Todd shares an incredible email from Kelly Young about Showing up Strong!

7:43 Todd takes us back to NBC STRONG and shares his 5 valuable lessons:

  1. Channel other people’s energy and your deepest strength.
  2. Always play for a purpose bigger than you!
  3. Don’t pray for easy times, but pray to have the strength to persevere during the tough times.
  4. Allow yourself to go to another deeper place.
  5. You don’t know how strong you are until strong is all you have left!

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