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Exceptional Expansion The Future of FQ10 (Part 2)

What’s it going to take for you to get to the next level personally or professionally? What are the greatest fears you have that you know you should act on but are either unsure of the outcome, scared of what may be, your ego is holding on too tight, or you just are paralyzed from fear.

As a self-professed “personal-growth junkie” and someone who believes you can only go as far as you grow, I have made some historical changes in the last year professionally to maximize growth. One of those changes includes bringing a partner to Fitness Quest 10, Jeff Bristol, to help run, guide, and lead the mothership, while my vision, mission, and purpose to spread IMPACT globally magnifies and amplifies.

On today’s IMPACT Show, Jeff and I are interviewed by Julie Wilcox about the many changes at Fitness Quest 10 (FQ10) and the vision how we see FQ10 and the fitness industry in the future. 

Today’s topics include:

  • Specific changes at FQ10 and Todd Durkin Enterprises (TDE) over the past three years.
  • How Jeff went from a front-desk “Director of First Impression,” to top trainer, to assistant GM, to General Manager of FQ10, to partner at FQ10.
  • The Covid-19 pandemic and how it accelerated our discussions of the inevitable.
  • How do you go to the next level when you are uncertain or scared but you know another level exists.
  • The future of FQ10 & how Jeff and I will work together to make FQ10 even better.
  • Your purpose and living the “impossible dream.”

My friends, I love the quote, “The purpose of life is to live a life of purpose.” Regardless of what you do for a living and how much success you have had or desire, I know this episode is going to motivate and inspire you to not only dream the impossible, but to help you find a way to live your ultimate purpose and make the necessary moves to maximize your success, significance, and potential.

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More on the episode:

:50 – The Mindset of Growth

2:33 – Changes within FQ10 and TDE in the last three years.
2018 Big Moves. Organizational shakeup.
2021 Jeff Bristol becomes a partner at Fitness Quest 10. TDE Doubling down on IMPACT.

9:30 – The calling to do something greater and deeper.
Jeff goes from top trainer to assistant GM and the GM.

19:46 – COVID Hits…Save the Gym, Save People!
Adversity created some of our best work. WE GOT THIS! Be Different. Mindset and fitness were crucial to our community and team.

32:47 – CHANGE – We are all under construction.
Don’t be on the sideline. Go to another level. Serve deeper.

38:22 – Fitness Quest 10 gets a new partner.
The bigger the dream, the more important your team

49:00 – What’s next for Fitness Quest 10?
Double down and set tracks for the future. Growth of team. Growth of Fitness Quest 10
“The purpose of life is to have a life of purpose.”

57:49 – TDE Global Headquarters, the “Roots” get a facelift!
TD University – IMPACT the universe. Speaking amped up. Live Events are coming soon.

60:2 – Final Words – Dream the Impossible Dream.


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