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Facebook Live Call: Open Q & A with TD

I was on a Facebook Live Open Q&A recently and I wanted to share some of the highlights.

From leadership to fitness, I’m dedicating my time to YOU. So, hit me up on social media with your questions and tune in for the answers. It’s that simple.

In the video below, we go deep on my favorite podcasts, good and bad carbs, and my predictions for the future of fitness. In a hurry? Check out the show notes beneath the video for the sweet spots.

Show Notes / Sweet Spots

[1:05] I get this one all the time, and these are my BIG five podcasts right now:

[8:45] Curious about carbs? Here are the good carbs you should be fueling your body with:

  • Sweet Potatoes
  • Salads
  • Vegetables

And these are “killer” carbs. Avoid these bad boys:

  • Pasta
  • Bread
  • Alcohol

[26:30] I love being asked about the future of fitness. Here are my predictions for the fitness industry over the next 5 – 10 years:

  • A new focus on recovery. While CrossFit, SoulCycle, and HIIT are huge right now, I believe recovery will become an emphasis of the industry. Whether it’s facilities adding recovery options like infrared saunas (a recent addition here at Fitness Quest 10) or boxes adding yoga and meditation classes, I’m confident the industry will start focusing on this often-overlooked piece of the puzzle.
  • Mindset. Man, you guys hear me talking about “get your mind right” all the time, and I’m sure industry leaders will start focusing more on mindset and less on only the physical aspect of health and fitness. Less stinking thinking, more self-talk.
  • Technology. Duh. The options are endless. From fitness on your phone to streaming classes, technology will continue to evolve our industry. TD TV, for example…

How can I help YOU?

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