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Faith, Culture, & Winning | IMPACT Q&A

What’s up podcast listeners? Two great questions today that I receive frequently. One question is, “How do you integrate your faith with your team, your business, and a secular industry in a way that is encouraging and not judgmental or threatening? Great question and I’ll discuss in depth. 

The other question I answer is “How did you build such a special culture at Fitness Quest 10?”

The secret sauce to any successful business or organization is creating a world-class culture and I share a bunch of my tips and lessons about building a great team and culture. Enjoy this fast-paced episode and as always, let me know what you think on my IG or Twitter at @ToddDurkin.

More on the episode:

First Question

“How do you create a great culture within your business? You have created such a close community and “culture” with your TD brand and Fitness Quest10. The camaraderie that such culture brings is what I would like to bring into my business. My studio offers by-appointment-only private sessions, so the opportunity for clients to engage with each other is limited. I feel like offering group classes or studio memberships is the best way to create community and culture, but it’s not my business model. Any suggestions on the best tools and techniques to create a culture at a by-appointment private training studio?”
-Scott Elliott
Del Mar, CA
Owner of Kool Body Personal Training

1:21 – The Caring Game
How can you out-care everything else? Build a home.

2:24 – Living Your Core Values
Shape your culture by becoming your values. With your words, your behavior, and your action.

3:50 – Communicate
Do your clients know what you stand for? Do you know what your clients like, don’t like, and need? Get close to your community by creating opportunities for more communication.

4:43 – Pillars of Business
Revenue, Expenses, & Taking Care of Your Team

5:09 – It’s All About Them
Culture Building 101: How to make your community feel special.

Second Question

“How do you integrate your faith with your team, your business, and a secular industry in a way that is encouraging and not judgmental or threatening?”
-Chauncey Sage

6:00 – On Being Yourself

6:22 – On Being Genuinely Authentic

7:20 – On Serving
 Serving other people regardless of your beliefs or theirs…

8:00 – On Tapping Into Your Gifts
Your ultimate source of love and service to others

8:30 – On Being Understanding
The only thing that matters at the end of the day: taking your gifts and using them to give back to others.

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