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Family Dynamics | IMPACT Q&A

Today’s Q&A episode stems from a question that asks, “How do I help my family with mindset and attitude changes?” and “How do you change the family tree?” WOW. Tough questions but I’m taking them head-on. It’s one thing to be a leader within your business or career, it’s another thing to lead at home. In this episode, I’ll address a “high-performance family mindset” and reveal ways to not only deal with energy vampires in your family, but energy tips to ensure your peace and sanity also. This episode is guaranteed to get both you and your kids “mind right” and inspire you to have a winning family attitude.

More on this episode:

IMPACT Q&A Question: “How do I help my family with mindset and attitude changes? This is kind of a two-part question: My husband and I came from your typical family…sadly typical means both families are divorced. Both our parents did the best they could with what they had to raise us but we feel looking back they really did not instill in us the necessary skills to help us grow as people. We have now been entrepreneurs for about 7 years in the real estate realm…honestly it’s taken about 6 of those years to learn how to be thriving adults, really getting our mindset out of scarcity and into a life of abundance. All that to say we have changed they have not. The negative words, time and conversation shared with either of our families is so incredibly draining. We almost dread sharing family time with them, it’s like we have to prepare our minds for battle beforehand…and then again after! How can I help them? I want so badly for them to see life happens for you, not to you! 

And part two: how do you change your family tree…I want to be parents that give my kiddos the skills they need to thrive as adults! We want them to be healthy mentally, spiritually, and emotionally! I don’t want them to be in their mid-thirties finally figuring “it” out. Do you have any tips for how you parent?”

Elisabet Galde
Camano Island, Washington
All Family Real Estate and Investment, Owner

Part 1: 

1:45 – Dealing with Energy Vampires
Choosing when you are available to people that drain you… even when it is your family.

2:24 – Victims Mentality
Things don’t happen TO you… they happen FOR you. How to turn difficult moments into opportunities to improve yourself. 

2:46 – Scarcity vs. Abundance
Stop letting fear rob you of being your best self. How gratitude improves your energy and manifests more good into your life.

Part 2:

3:23 – Changing Your Family Tree
Behavior change in your family starts with you. Choosing the words you speak, the actions you take, and the values you choose to deliberately live by and encourage- on purpose.

7:02 – Why It Is Important To Communicate Your Vision and Goals
Sharing your “why” and how it instills the permission to dream within your kids.

8:05 – The Importance Of Quality Time
Why only TIME can instill the core values and morals you want your kids to have as adults.

9:07 – It Is All About Choices
Who are YOU spending your time with?

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