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Find “IT”!

“The days you don’t have it…are the days you gotta find it.

And the days you find it, when you didn’t have it, are often your BEST days.”

My friends, for so long I have said this above statement. I believe it separates ordinary from EXTRAORDINARY. Good from GREAT.

Truthfully, there are many days I don’t feel like working out.

Or writing a blog.

Or having a 15-hour day.

Or getting on another plane.

Or doing the tedious tasks necessary to get closer to a “game-changer.”

There are days when my energy isn’t beaming with electricity. Or that my willpower might not be fully amped.

But I refuse to let the ENEMY win.

And that ENEMY often sits within your own head. And you hear the head-trash of all the excuses, reasons, and beliefs why you should NOT do something.

To that, I say hogwash!

My mantra I want to share today is “FIND IT.” It’s there. Whether you think it is or not, you have an innate strength and power deep within you that has to be tapped into daily.

It takes effort.

It takes conscious awareness.

It takes uber-discipline.

It takes positive self-talk to get your butt up and get going.

Join me in my home gym as I discuss “FINDING IT” while getting in a massive good sweat.


TD “Finding It” in the Home Gym Today!!

I often call my home-gym the Fitness Quest 10 Annex. It’s an extension of my main gym. I go in there several mornings a week to get the brain chemistry right and “find it.”

For you today, flip the switch. Use the mantra “FIND IT.” Remind yourself why you are destined for something special.  Why you are worthy and deserving of manifesting more success and abundance than ever before.

FIND IT today and then go out and create it! #IWILL #GetUrMindRight #MindsetMatters


Much love…now GO FIND IT!!!



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