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Fork in the Road Moments… What Are You Going To Do?

I’m finding that many people are making BIG decisions these days. Like REALLY BIG DECISIONS in life.

Are you one of them?

I am too.

I call them “Fork in the Road Moments.” And they are important because they require you to make a decision: one way or the other.

As Yogi Berra once said, “If there is a fork in the road, take it!”

Here are some of my “big” forks:

  1. Should I finally get my other knee done, so the “old” one matches how good the “new” one feels?
  2. How do I best structure my time, energy, money, and resources to most effectively allocate my energy into the things that MOST fuel my passion & purpose?
  3. How do I best position Fitness Quest 10 for maximum growth & impact in 2021?

What are some of your current big “Fork in the Road” decisions looming?

  1. Should you close your business? Temporarily or permanently…
  2. Should you finally open your business because you believe it’s well-positioned to prosper in 2021 and beyond?
  3. Should you expand your business or downsize it?
  4. Are you contemplating ending a relationship? Or starting a new one?
  5. Do you have to make some significant health, fitness, or medical decisions that will impact your overall well-being?
  6. Are you considering changing careers to pursue something that further fuels your passion or lifestyle desired?
  7. Are you going to “retire” and try something new?

I’m not sure the answers to these questions. Only you do. 

Heck, I’m not even sure of the questions you are contemplating.

I know there are a lot of people making “big” decisions these days. Perhaps even “fork in the road” decisions.

This past weekend, a small group of my Todd Durkin Mastermind members gathered in Nashville, TN, and this is one of the BIG things we addressed… #ForkInTheRoadMoments

Are you at a “Fork in the Road” moment in your life or business?

While I’m not going to bring you through the complete exercise and visualization today (that I did with them to get clarity on their “Fork in the Road” decisions looming), I will explain how you can get clarity on WHAT to do:

1. Visualize yourself standing at the “fork in the road.” 

See the divergent paths in front of you. One takes you left. One takes you right.

2. Go the “WRONG” way first. 

Visualize “life” in every capacity going down the one direction and experience every emotion surrounding that decision. Good and bad.

3. Now go the “RIGHT” way. 

It is the one you know you need to go to but are afraid of going. Heck, it may have been in your imprint for years, and the feeling has been heightened in the last 8-months. Or it’s completely unrelated.

It’s probably against the grain of “popular approval.” It doesn’t feed your ego. But it’s in your gut. Your hara. Your intuition.

Experience every emotion surrounding that decision also. Good and bad.

4. Write down your thoughts on what you experienced.

Journal your thoughts on the divergent paths or roads. Write down on paper your “pluses and minuses” of each path and experience the “good” and “bad” of each.

The power of getting your thoughts out of your head and into your heart and onto paper is very powerful.

Despite me being a “Get your mind right” guy, you must have your HEART “right” along with your MIND RIGHT!

5. Contemplate your decisions and “live it” before you make it.

Next, talk about your fork in the road decision(s) with confidants and mentors.

Get “quiet time” about it.

Pray about it. And then pray some more.

Remember, NO PATH is perfectly clear and easy. All paths are filled with pot-holes. It’s just a matter of which one you would like to navigate.

6. Take ACTION. 

Sooner or later, you must take action on your “big decisions.” There is nothing worse than living YEARS with unfulfilled dreams, expectations, or even wonder.

I am NOT saying change just to change. I don’t think that’s a good thing either. And I don’t believe you change just because Covid and this pandemic has kicked your ass, and you’re tired, and you “want a change.” I think it’s fair to say that we ALL want that situation to change.

I am saying to GO DEEP inside your soul and get clarity on your life’s purpose and how you best serve your mission on earth, and then design your life around that driving mission.

Am I making sense?

What’s it going to be?

What do you have to do to get more conviction, clarity, commitment, connection, and construct to CREATE what you desire?

The bottom line is that “Fork in the Road” decisions are NOT EASY.

They take courage. They take a lot of introspection.

They require risk and living in a very uncomfortable place.

I hope I spoke life into you today. You are not alone.

Remember, when there is a fork in the road, YOU GOTTA TAKE IT!

Much love,


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