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Former College QB Sentenced To Life In Prison, Now Creating Massive IMPACT

The story of Damon West is one of the most riveting and extraordinary stories you will EVER hear. Damon was a star high school & college QB who got hurt, took a wrong turn as he began using drugs and became a full-blown criminal. He eventually got caught and got a 65-year LIFE- sentence in a Texas state penitentiary.

Damon tells his entire story in this episode and your jaw will drop more times than you can count. He unabashedly shares what prison is like, how he survived, and some key decisions he made while in prison which ultimately led to his eligibility for release from prison. Damon was miraculously freed from Beaumont Texas Prison in 2016, after serving 7-years and 3 months. He tells it all in today’s podcast.

LISTEN in now as this episode is going to ignite hope, determination, grit, tenacity, inspiration, and motivation for you to create massive IMPACT in the world. It’s going to send chills down your spine and not only give you a further appreciation for life but propel you to take massive action in your life.

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Thank you Damon West for being a guest on the IMPACT Show!
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3:55- Meet Damon West!
Star Texas football player… to neighborhood criminal

7:14- The Last Day Damon West Ever Played Football
“The fork in the road in life”

8:38- The Beginning Of Damon’s Downward Spiral
“I thought the drugs were enhancing my life.”

11:32- The Mindset Of A Meth Addict

13:33- The “Life” Of An Addict
Going through the steps & releasing the baggage.

15:27- A Glimpse Into Program Recovery
“Playing the tape out all the way to the end…”

19:31- The Uptown Burglar

21:34- The Moment It All Changed
“The day I was rescued.”

25:10- The Day He Was Sentenced To Life In Prison
“Rock bottom.”

27:58- The Power Of A Mom’s Unshakable Faith
“You come back as the man we raised… or don’t come back at all.”

31:05- The Ideology Of Fear
Why Damon refused to get into a gang.

32:27- The Coffee Bean
“Imagine prison as a pot of warm water…”

35:12- “The Boy That Was Supposed To Be.”
Prison down the street from where he grew up.

37:53- The Survival Method
Losing 75% of fights he had to fight.

39:43- What Do You See Most Of In Prison?
Carrots, eggs, or coffee beans?

40:10- The Reflection In The Mirror
He didn’t like how living in fear looked on him. 

41:15- A Virtual Walk Through The Rec Yard
The most racially segregated place on earth.

42:44- The Day Damon Played Basketball
On a court where “white boys” were not welcome.

45:32- The Day He Got His Name Back
“I earned my name back.”

46:14- Being The Change Agent

47:23- How Damon Got Out Of Prison In 7 Years With A 65-Year “Life” Sentence
Making parole…

50:50- “Half Time”
Damon’s favorite month in prison: his 1-month experience in solitary confinement

52:05- A Parole Meeting Where God Was In The Driver’s Seat
The one word Damon wants to be remembered for…

53:48- The Day Damon Walked Away From Prison 

55:05- The Day Damon West Became A Criminal Justice Professor

57:40- A Copy Of “The Change Agent” And A Copy Of “The Coffee Bean” In All 104 Prisons In Texas
An opportunity to stay sober… and be useful.

59:40- “The Smugglers Of Hope Tour”

1:02:00- The Moment Damon First Stepped Outside The Prison Walls
“The grass was greener… the trees smelled different.”

1:03:51- Mom’s Tools To Help Damon Reintegrate Into Civilian Life
An iPhone, a driver’s license, and a bracelet…

1:08:11- Words Of Gratitude From Myself To Damon
“One of the most amazing stories I’ve ever heard in my life.”

1:10:23- Servant Leadership
“The secret to life.”

1:13:19- On The Importance Of Daily Spiritual Workouts

1:15:15- The Power Of Your Energy

1:17:01- One Of The Most Extraordinary People I’ve Met In My Entire Life: Jon Gordon

1:18:48- Damon’s Advice To Highschool Star Athletes Today
The only permanent thing in your life: your conscious contact with God.

1:20:27- The Size Of Humility

1:21:17- Damon West’s Legacy

Damon West’s Bio:

Damon West, M.S. Criminal Justice, is a motivational speaker and best-selling co-author of The Coffee Bean: A simple Lesson to Create Positive Change. His first book and autobiography “The Change Agent: How a Former College QB Sentenced to Life in Prison Transformed His World” was published just three years after his release from a Texas maximum-security prison. Sentenced to sixty-five years in a Texas prison, Damon West once had it all. Until he began putting chemicals into his body to alter the way he felt following a traumatic childhood experience. After just 7 years, Damon emerged from prison a changed man and lives a life of recovery and service today— sharing his story all over the country with schools, churches, athletic teams, corporations, and inside correctional facilities.

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