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Friday Night Lights!

This week is the first week of high school football in California. And I couldn’t be more excited. There is nothing like Friday Night Lights.

The kids are ready to play and can’t wait for Friday Night. The cheerleaders will be cheering. The band will be blaring their traditional songs and will be marching during their halftime show. The fans will be filled with family, friends, and people from the community. The snack bar will have burgers, dogs, candy, and popcorn.  And the young kids from the youth teams will line the fence as they watch their role-models enter the field.

This week’s WOW (Word of the Week) is “Friday Night Lights.”

I haven’t shared a WOW in a long-time. But it was time to share one. Regardless of your role in your community, go check out the “opener” in your hometown this Friday night, or whenever your town’s high school football season starts. Even if you are not affiliated with anyone at the school. Or on the team.

Sit in the stands. Cheer. Sing along with the band. Get some goodies in the snack-bar at half-time.

And win or lose, applaud ALL the kids (players, cheerleaders, band), coaches, administrators, and volunteers who make the great tradition in America of #FridayNightLights possible.

Much love…and cheers to a great season of high school football and Friday Night Lights!

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