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From Prison to Preacher

Now, this is one incredible life story that you must listen too. Chad Richards went from hell and back in 10 years of his young adult life. He was a “normal” everyday kid growing up in middle-class America who eventually made some bad choices. Those choices led to opioid addiction, multiple arrests, and finally, incarceration.

In this episode, Chad talks about his entire journey and what ultimately led him from being a “prisoner” to becoming a full-time pastor and preacher, massively IMPACTING many people. Chad Richards is living his life’s purpose to get to kids before drugs do. This episode includes faith, family, leadership, and real-talk from a man who understands what it’s like to go to hell & back, and now live a life guided by purpose, passion, and conviction.

Whether you are a parent, coach, executive, leader, student, athlete, mentor, or just a high-performer who loves a great inspirational story, you’re going to love today’s episode. Please share this episode when you’re done listening tp spread this incredibly important and IMPACTFUL message globally.

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More on the episode:

:46 – Meet Chad Richards

3:40 – Looking into the teenage brain – Impacting Kids Today

6:19 – Get Creative in Community – We are All Craving  Community!

8:43 – Living Two Different Lifes

12:58 – Climbing the Opiate Ladder

19:30 – The Rules in Prison

25:03 – God Show me Something

28:38 – Get to The Kids Before the Drugs Do!
“If you don’t want to do drugs, don’t hang out with people who do drugs.”

37:08 – Forgiving Myself 
“I can’t love my neighbor unless I forgive and love myself.”

42:24 – Real Life Talk

Meet Chad Ricards:

Chad Richards is the Executive Pastor at Canyon Springs Church. Chad holds a B.A. in Religion, Ministry, and Leadership from Vanguard University, and a Master of Theological Studies with an Emphasis in Biblical Studies from Bethel University and Seminary. Chad and his wife Megan have two daughters, Ayven and Sage.

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→ Recommended Reads:  Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis and Case for Christ by Lee Strobel

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