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Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone | IMPACT Q&A

Tis’ the season to give back and I think you’re going to love this episode. I had a blast as I went “LIVE” and took questions rapid-fire from the audience. One question deals with the ONE THING you must do to get your MIND RIGHT leading into the New Year. The other question deals with a young man looking for some advice, wisdom, and inspiration as he graduates college and has BIG DREAMS to change the world. This one really fired me up!

There is nothing better than connecting deep with all of you and in this episode, you get a front-row seat to the IMPACT that’s possible when we do!! Wow. A life was changed in this episode– an impactful moment without a doubt– and I hope it IMPACTS you also.

More on this episode:

Question #1- Cathrine Tanaka; Host and producer of The Body Project Podcast

Q: What’s the ONE thing people should focus on regarding to health during a busy time of year?

IG: @thebodyprojectpodcast

Question #2- James Welton; New College Graduate (& Future Graduate Of The Todd Durkin Mentorship Program!)

Q: What would be your one piece of advice to an upcoming college graduate and/or a 21 year old kid to go and do something big- for not only individual relationships but also on a community aspect?

IG: @james_welton

5:09- Doing Something I’ve Never Done!
OPEN Q&A, we going LIVE baby…

8:30- LIVE on Instagram! Question 1
Christine Tanaka; Host and producer of The Body Project Podcast 

9:17- The One Thing People Should Focus On As The Year Comes To A Close
How to get your mind right during the holidays…

10:21- High Performance Is A Lifestyle
Focus on great habits.

11:10- Debunking A Limited-Belief Mindset
Get. Your. Mind. Right.

13:37- Fourth Quarter With Julie Wilcox!

15:11- High Performance Goals For 2020
Your best self precedes BIG dreams.

16:57- Guest #2: James Welton; A New College Grad
Advice to anyone in their 20’s.

17:59- Question 2: Advice To Those With Dreams To Make A Difference In Their Relationships & Communities
Embrace the process.

20:15- Staying True To You
Is this what God wants for me?

20:49- Fulfillment Over Money

21:29- The Story Of How James Found Me
Parents, you are impact-makers! 

22:10- How I Got To Help James
Planting a seed for a future impact-maker! 

26:15- Reflecting On An Impactful LIVE Moment
The power of connecting deeply with people. 

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