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GET STRONG with Oklahoma Sooners Strength Coach Bennie Wylie

I’m super-pumped today to share with you one of my great friends and most-respected strength & conditioning coaches in the world, Coach Bennie Wylie. If you recognize his name, we worked and competed together on NBC STRONG (now streaming on Netflix). Nowadays, Bennie is churning out great athletes as the Head Football Strength, Speed, and Conditioning Coach at the University of Oklahoma.

I believe the best of the best coaches have the ability to not only teach you what to do, but they have the ability to motivate & inspire you to do it also. Bennie is one of those coaches that can do ALL of that…and then some. He simply makes people BETTER. 

In today’s episode, we talk topics such as:

  • Most important habits in and out of the weight room.
  • Bennie’s morning and evening routine.
  • Power of a winning mindset.
  • Adversity, set-back, and injury and how it can make you even better.
  • The importance of relationship building.
  • Bennie’s favorite exercises to get stronger and faster.
  • Bennie’s ONE piece of advice on nutrition.
  • The one thing that will help all athletes get better.
  • And of course…we had to talk a bit about our experience on STRONG.

Listen in to this episode as I know it will get you better and then please share it on your social media so that your team, family, friends, and co-workers can be inspired also. 

Be sure to tag me on IG and Twitter at @ToddDurkin and Bennie on IG at @bwyliestrong.

More on the Episode:

2:29- Meet OU Head Strength And Conditioning Coach, Bennie Wylie

6:20- Bennie’s Top Memories From STRONG

7:45- One Of My Most Embarrassing Experiences… On National Television
I am NOT that weak

10:28- Bennie’s Top Lesson From STRONG
Trusting the door that God opens.

11:40- Championship Football Starts In The Weightroom
One of the best things Bennie does as a strength coach… may not be what you think. 

13:41- The Magic Of Relationship– Where Is It Created?
On the track or at the smoothie station?

15:55- Every Athlete Is Equal
Everyone’s goals are the most important thing to them. 

17:32- If Bennie Was Talking To A Young Athlete Who Desires Greatness

19:02- Strengthen Your Strengths Or Focus On Your Weaknesses?
“Yes.” -Bennie Wylie

20:29- In The Weightroom
Bennie’s top lifts (mixed with a lot of love).

23:27- If I Talked To Bennie’s Athletes… What Would They Say About Him?

27:30- Bennie’s High-Performance Habits
Training, spiritual, and nutritional.

29:17- Bennie’s Favorite Proverbs Verse
At the end of the day… impact comes from God.

30:10- Easiest Way To Begin To Change Your Life…
Start by adding this ONE thing.

31:14- Bennie’s Take On Mindset
Who are you surrounded by?

32:42- Bennie’s Routine
Feelings vs. Your Why– morning & evening.

38:20- The Fruit Of Bennie’s Consistency

39:22- You Can Grow From Your Story, Or Let It Bring You Down
Bennie’s inner circle growing up… he COULDN’T fail.

44:09- Bennie’s Advice If You’re Facing Adversity
3 things… 

47:54- What Bennie Wants His Legacy To Be
“Work hard and be nice to people. Pass it on.” 

50:24- The Power Of Spending Time Together
If you really want to know someone…

Thank you Coach Bennie Wylie for being a guest on the IMPACT Show!
Bennie can be contacted on IG & FB: @bwyliestrong or website at

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