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Get Your SOUL Right with Pastor Miles McPherson

This week is a big one and the timing couldn’t be better for this episode on getting your SOUL RIGHT. Yes, my new book “Get Your MIND Right” comes out tomorrow. But this episode is much needed. There are protests, looting, violence, we’re in the midst of a pandemic, and we clearly need some divine intervention. Little did I know when I recorded this episode that it would be aired at such a crucial time.

Today’s episode is with one of my longest-standing spiritual mentors and closest friends, Pastor Miles McPherson of the Rock Church in San Diego, Ca. Miles McPherson is a former NFL player, he overcame a cocaine addiction, and his testimony has since led over 1.8 million people to Christ. He also has a book called “The Third Option–Hope for a Racially Divided Nation.” Between his “The Third Option” book and the “Get Your Mind Right” book, I can’t think of 2 better books to get your MIND and your SOUL right NOW.

I’ve known Miles for over 22-years now and he’s greatly impacted my faith walk since I started listening to him preach way back in 1998. In this episode, Pastor Miles talks about…

  • His transformation from using drugs to surrendering his life to Jesus.
  • What is the “Third Option?”
  • His 6-step process to Get His Mind Right.
  • His 3-step process to Get his Soul Right.
  • FEAR and what we can do about it.

Bottom line is that you will be better after listening to this episode. Pastor Miles shares what is on his heart these days and his mission to raise the next generation. Lastly, he shares a special prayer at the end of the episode to solidify that both our minds and souls are singing. Regardless of your faith or beliefs, you don’t want to miss this episode. Buckle-up for a great episode full of fun, laughter, deep conversation, and even some smack-talking. It’s guaranteed to get your heart, mind, and soul soaring!!

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More one the episode:

:24 – Meet Pastor Miles McPherson.

3:20 – 22 Years of Friendship.
How Todd and Miles first met 22 years ago and the parallelisms between the two.

7:05 – The highlight of Todd’s week.
Bible study with Miles.

8:14 – Miles shares what is most on his heart these days.
Shift – Focus on what is really important and let’s raise the next generation.

10:07 – What has streaming done for the church?
Connecting with more people is changing how we view church.

12:06 – 1.8 Million people have been led to Christ, what do these numbers mean to Miles?
Each number represents a life. We have a responsibility to these people.

13:30 – Talking Smack.
Competitive Fire.

14:18  – April 12th, 1984 5 am…
Miles shares surrendering himself to Jesus and that he wanted to have a life. God changed my life!

18:00 – We are talking about Skittles…..
The Rock Church represents the United Nations, we have a diverse group of churchgoers. We are all beautiful people.

21:05 – Alligator Arms!
Raise your arms and open up and receive the love.

22:20 – Miles-Isms….

  1. Don’t feel sorry for yourself, someone always has it worse off than you. 
  2. Mo  –  gives you momentum. Create momentum in your life.
  3. You might be the head of the household but your wife is the neck and  the neck turns the head anytime she wants. Couples serve each other and magic will happen.

31:14 – What does F.E.A.R mean to Miles? 
F- Face the facts
E- Get educated about the other
A- Be accountable to affirm one another
R- Build relations and recognize the image of God is in everyone

33:53 – Miles shares what he does to stay focused on his purpose right now during COVID-19.
When bad things happen God will always get you through. Remember The Faithfulness of God in the past

36:10 – The unknown in today’s Church.
How to lean on TV and Virtual, the new norm. We need to leverage online better.

38:04 – Key lessons
What’s in your hand? Know how your personality works and lean into that. Be yourself and do it your way.

  1. Make copies of yourself. Share and help people learn from what God has given you so they can do it their way.

40:14 -Taking Risks
Miles shares his gifts to help him be a risk taker:

  • Gift of Adventure
  • Strength in Activation
  • Spiritual gift is his faith
  • Personality strength is Futurist

Lean on your gifts.

42:58- Read about Pastor Miles in Todd’s new book – GET YOUR MIND RIGHT. -order your copy today!
Pastor Miles teaches you how to pray. Part of prayer is listening. 

43:36- Miles shares the 6 step process to Get his Mind Right. 
Renew my mind and repeat the things in my head that are important.
Spend quiet time in the morning with God.
Write these out.

  1. Describe your negative thoughts on paper.
  2. Ask yourself – Is it true?
  3. Are you 100% it’s true? 
  4. Describe how it would make you feel if it was true. 
  5. How would you feel without this negative thought? 
  6. Describe the opposite of this negative though.

46:55 – Exercise routines that help Miles get his Mind Right.
Sunday is Chest and Arm Day.

48:43 – Miles 3 step process to get his Soul Right.
AM time is always quiet with God. Here is his 3 step process:

  1. Read for the Head.
  2. Meditate for the heart.
  3. Apply in life by my hand.

PM time is with my wife Debbie praying and reading what I meditated on that day.

51:33 – A special Prayer from Pastor Miles McPherson
If you surrender your life to God please share it with Todd.
Text: SAVED to 52525

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