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Gino Mingo Teaching What Black Belt Discipleship Means

Today you are going to have life breathed into you. Literally. My man Pastor Gino Mingo is fresh off his book launch from last week and is fired-up about making disciples of God. Gino has a divine gift and you will feel his passion, hear his wisdom, and be tremendously uplifted from this episode alone.

In today’s episode, you will:

  • Hear how Gino stays spiritually fed and nourished. 
  • See what each belt color stands for and its correlation to lordship, self-denial, commitment, focus, accountability, worship, sovereignty, approval, and reproduction. 
  • Understand how to become a disciple for God.
  • Hear why Gino wrote his book and his hope on how it changes the world.

Step into the “Dojo” and enjoy today’s episode. I believe that “Black Belt Discipleship– Imparting the Nature of a Disciple-Maker” is going to make a huge IMPACT in the world and I’m hoping this episode just wets your appetite for discipleship.

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More on the episode:

1:10 – Who is Gino Mingo?

2:12 – Blackbelt Discipleship
Gino’s path to writing his first book

4:56 – High Emotional IQ.
Gino is on a mission to help people go deeper in life and faith.

8:18 – Passion Behind Discipleship.
True Discipleship – reproduce with meaning and passion.

14:40 – How to Become a Disciple
Relational Connection!

18:00 – How does Gino stay fed and juiced?
“If your inflow is not greater than your outflow, then you cant minister from an overflow.”

23:13 – White Belt
Lordship: When the pupil is ready, the master will appear.

27:45 – Yellow Belt
Self-Denial: One of the biggest marks of maturity.

29:16 – Orange Belt
Commitment: The foundation of love.

35:03 – Green Belt
Focus: You need to focus not to miss your purpose

40:52 – Blue Belt
Accountability: Level up excellence in life

44:37 – Purple Belt
Worship: This is where the student turns from inward to outward

48:26 – Brown Belt
Sovereignty: Trust that God will have your back

51:25 – Red Belt

54:51 – Black Belt

1:00:00 –  Close
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About Gino Mingo:

Pastor, singer/songwriter, and author of Black Belt Discipleship, Gino Mingo helps people pursue Jesus through a lifestyle of radical, transformational discipleship. As a former member of both the NFL and CFL, Gino learned early on the importance of dedication and sacrifice, but that was nothing compared to the adventure he found through understanding the call of Christ. Gino and his wife, Michelle, live in San Diego, CA, with their five daughters (yes – five daughters!), where they lead ROAR MINISTRIES based on these simple guiding principles: love God, love people, and make disciples. Stay in touch with Gino at

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