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Who is Going to Carry Your Casket Someday?

What if 2018 was your last year on earth? Seriously. What if you knew this was it?

How would you live your last days, months, or year?
What would you be doing with your time?
Who would you be spending your time with?
What bucket-list trips would you take?
What risks would you take, if any?
What do you need to get in order?

Today, I want to talk about a topic that people don’t like to talk about…but need to face. DEATH.

It is not a morbid topic. And this is NOT a morbid article.

As a matter of fact, this is more of an article on LIFE. And what you can be doing to make sure your soul is singing and your spirit is soaring. All day, every day. From now until eternity.

Let’s just say I felt compelled to share with you because I want YOU to LIVE 2018 like it’s your last one. Hopefully, you have many more days, months, AND years ahead of you.

But if you had to LIVE this year like it was your last, what would you do in the following components of your life:


  • Do you celebrate clients as often as you need to?
  • Do you acknowledge, praise, and make your teammates feel as appreciated as they deserve?
  • How much do you want to work? 20 hours per week? 40 hours per week? 60 hours per week? Or maybe you don’t want to work…
  • How much money do you want to make this year? How much money do you need to make this year?
  • Do you have a succession plan for your business, if you own it? Would you sell your business? Pass it on to a family member? Close it?


  • Who do you need to say “sorry” to?
  • Who do you need to say “thank you” to?
  • Who do you need to say “I love you” to?
  • Who do you need to spend more time with?
  • What do you need to do for your kids?


  • What trips would you take this year that would take your breath away…literally? And who do you want to take those trips with?
  • What adventures/activities do you want to try that you’ve been telling yourself for years you are going to do but haven’t yet? (sky-diving, bungee jumping, heli-skiing, a marathon, triathlon, etc.)
  • Is there an art, music, drama, or acting class you could attend just to use the “right” side of your brain. #GetCreative


  • What foods do you want to eat? What supplements do you need to take?
  • How many days per week are you going to train/workout? And for how long? How intense? Are you going to lift weights? Slam balls and ropes, swing kettlebells, and do some boxing?
    And who do you want to train with, if anyone?
  • Or do you want to do more yoga and meditation? What is your spirit is saying?
  • How many massages per week or month do you want to get?
  • How much time would you spend in nature just marveling at God’s beauty?


  • Do you need to get your mind right? If so, snap your band and win the day!
  • What inspirational material are you reading or listening to?
  • What are you feeding your brain? Literally. Food-wise is one thing. But what you watch on TV and what you watch/listen to on your phone and computer are absolutely essential to your mindset.
  • Who are you hanging out with and spending time with? Ultimately, they influence your state of mind.
  • What is your “self-talk?” Make sure you are affirming yourself and focusing on GRATITUDE. It’s so easy for your mind to go down the abyss of what’s wrong about life. Fight tooth and nail to keep your mind right and use positive self-talk only. Maniacally focus on finding the good in people…and the good in you.


  • How much do you want/need to pray per day? Do you need to get your “spirit” right? What are you going to commit to doing to improve this area of your life?
  • Do you have a will? Or an “estate plan”? This is not reserved just for the rich. It’s just purely fiscal responsibility.
  • Do you have a book in you? I believe “Everyone has a life worth telling a story about…what’s your story?” Is it time to tell your story or are you going to “wait” another year?
  • What is your legacy going to be all about? How are they going to remember you? What are they going to say about you?

By answering these questions, I believe you are truly framing up your BEST year. And more importantly, you are framing up your BEST LIFE.

A couple months ago, I went to a conference and someone posed a question to me that I had never heard before. And it really made me think. He asked, “Who are the 6 people who are going to carry your casket someday?”

That question stopped me in my tracks. It made me think of my mortality.
It made me think of WHO are the closest people to me in my life.
It made me think about my legacy.
It made me think about TIME and if I am maximizing every minute of every day.
It made me think about WHO is in my life and if I am doing everything possible to create experiences and memories that will last a lifetime.

I pose this question to you as well today… “Who are the 6 people who are going to carry your casket someday?”
Spend more time with those people you love. And those who love you.
After all, these are the people who may be LIFTING you up on your last hurrah, someday!

Lastly, there were 100 senior citizens in a nursing home asked “If you were to go back to your younger years, what 3 pieces of advice would you give to your younger self?”

They answered:

  1. Take more risks. In all aspects of life.
  2. Don’t take yourself so seriously. They said they would have laughed and smiled more and had more fun.
  3. Spend more time with loved ones. And that consisted of more travel, adventure, and being more present in everyday conversation.

My friends, I hope this article stirred your soul to live better TODAY. It’s all we have. The future is not guaranteed. I believe if we live 2018 like it is our last year, we truly will live our BEST year yet.

Much love…and lots of living!!!


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