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Heading To The Land Down Under

I hope you are ready for the first week of April. Amazing to think that we are beginning the 2nd Quarter of the year.

One of the things on my “list to do” for 2014 and in my Annual Roadmap/Strategic Plan was to do 4 or 5 international business trips this year. I want to take the“IMPACT” message even more global & reach more folks to INSPIRE GREATNESS EVERYDAY. Besides blogging and using SM, I wanted to do some live events in a few other continents.

Tomorrow, is trip #1 of several international events of the year as I’ll be boarding a flight for about 18 hours to the land Down Under. Yes, FILEX is a major fitness conference in Melbourne, Australia, and I’ll be teaching there on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. There will be several thousand fit-pros primarily from Australia, New Zealand, and even Asia and I plan on delivering some massive IMPACT “Down Under.” They about to see some things they haven’t seen yet!

It will be my first time in Australia and I’m super-pumped to go. In addition to my 5 workshops, I also plan on getting out and site-seeing a bit of the culture also.

This week’s WOW is “DOWN UNDER.”

How does this relate to you?

Because everyone has a bucket list. Or a list of things that you really want to do. Or things you need to do to expand your brand.

For me, I’m going to Australia for all 3 reasons.

What’s on your bucket list? What are some things you really would like to do? Or what are some things you really need to do?

And whether they are local, regional, countrywide, or international, my plea to you this week is to focus on doing something to help you achieve your goals and live your deepest purpose.

What is your “Down Under?” What’s on your “list?” What are you being “called” to do but have not yet done?

My challenge to you this week is to live in the rarified air that most people don’t play in. Dream big, work your tail off, and when your opportunity comes, make the most of it!

Much love…


Do you all remember the “Men at Work” song “Down Under” from many moons ago? I just listened to me and it made me smile. Here is the song to help you remember this week’s WOW and make you smile also:


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