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Gratitude, Challenges, and Dreams | IMPACT Q&A

Welcome back for another great episode of IMPACT Q&A. Today I have 10 questions plus one bonus question from my book launch team. Specifically, I am talking about Gratitude, Challenges, and Dreams. You will hear how I managed my life while writing the book, what helps me get my Mind Right, the loss of my best friend Sawman who inspired me to go bigger, and lessons learned from one of my mentors Wayne Cotton. Get your notepads out as you will want to take notes on this one!

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More on the episode:

:30 – Welcome to the Show. Todd shares Gratitude.
Thank you all for the amazing questions, comments, and love coming in about my new book GET YOUR MIND RIGHT.

1:38  – Your chance to win a TRX, Theragun, and more! 
Join the GET YOUR MIND RIGHT contest. Check it out

2:52 – Todd reads a review from Brian Santinelli.
Love these comments, they keep me alive!

4:07 – Shannon Zeevalk and Ryan Rogers ask Todd about how he carved out time to write the book and still do everything else.  
Parenting, running a business, good husband, traveling, coaching, etc…

8:57- What makes you need to get your mind right on a daily basis?
I get frustrated when the kids don’t make their beds and clean up after themselves. A great question from Jose Ruiz. 

10:36 – What aspects did you like most while writing the book and what was challenging when you were writing it?
Chapter 9 was the most challenging to write and the best parts were the recovery section and Dreams – Live a  Life Worth Telling a Story About. Thank you for the question, Andrea Farrington.

16:17 – How was writing the book and launching it during the coronavirus pandemic different from previous books that you’ve written?
I wrote this book to change lives! Thank you, Janine Loehr for the question. 

18:53 – If you wrote this book during COVID-19 would you add or change anything in the book?
Ha Ha…I would add another chapter – When life throws you a curveball what do you do? Thank you, Michelle Ohlson and Jenn Lockwood for the great question.

23:10 – How long did it take you to write that chapter about Sawman?
His spirit is still alive and my pen just kept flowing. Thank you Maria Meeuwise for the deep question on the loss of my best friend.

25:34- How did you finally realize and listen to Sawman?
He was always prompting me to go bigger. A true friend who challenged me in business and life. Another great question from Dan Richter on Sawman

27:26 – The meaning of W.L.W.L.
David McGarry asks Todd about Sean Stephenson and theWhen Life Works List” – Success is micro victories over time.

29:02 – What was it about Wayne’s advice that rang so true for you? Would your path have been different over the last 10 years if you had not effectively managed that energy and your recovery? 
Man if you haven’t listened to one of my mentors, Wayne Cotton podcasts you need to go back to episodes 28 – Million Dollar Mentor and 29 – Hell and Back. Wayne taught me how to open and run a business with his systems and wisdom. Check out Thank you Stephanie Carroll for a great question. 

33:35- Out of everyone that you know in your time in the fitness industry, who do you think has the GYMR that closely resembles yours? And why?
Man Martin Rooney came to mind first, we both have the tenacity and the same work ethic. Others include David Jack, Brian Nunez, Ryan Morse and a few others…
You can check out Martin’s podcast episode 82 called Coach to Coach for another great episode. Awesome question from Roy Krivda, thank you. 

36:49- Jenna Mango asks Todd: If you had to pick 3 words/phrases that contribute to your success, what would they be and why?
Actually have 3 phrases:

  • Discipline to the details
  • Driven by Dreams and Purpose
  • GSSD – Get Serious Stuff Done

39:10 – What stories do you have that don’t have a happy ending?
Todd shares openly some setbacks, frustrations, and adversity. Thank you for the deep question, Tim Urbanik.

49:10 – Todd declares June International Get Your Mind Right Month!
Please get your book –  Share it and review it!  Enter the contest now through June 16th to win some awesome prizes.

50:17 – Special announcements and close.
Special shoutouts to all the Get Your Mind Right Launch and support Team and 2 awesome reviews.

Thank you to everyone who is on my book launch team and all the great reviews and questions coming in! For more information on the book, how to buy and take advantage of the contest go to

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