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Grit, Grind, and Dreams with Fitness Icon Trina Gray

Trina Gray is one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the fitness and lifestyle space. She’s a leader, coach, studio & club owner, and mother of two kids. Trina is someone I’ve personally mentored and been friends with for over a dozen years. She has spoken at all 18 of my Mentorship programs and is a fitness industry leader on many fronts. In this episode, we will cover topics such as discovering your dreams, dealing with naysayers, overcoming fear, eliminating roles in your life, and finding joy. Enjoy this episode as I know it will Get Your Mind Right!

More on the Episode: 

5:17 – What Brings Trina The Most Joy
The small moments are the big ones.

7:11 – The Best Book She’s This Year
Read books that move your soul and EMPOWER you!

8:35 – Easily Accessible Motivation
Use the notes section on your phone for a DOSE.

9:55 – FEAR
Accept it. Move toward it.

11:30 – Best Life Advice Trina Has Heard Lately
“I will think for myself, I will move in my own direction, you can say what you want to say but I will be me” – TD Jakes

14:40 – An Award That You Have Received That Stands Out To You? 
There are many shiny awards…. But only one that really matters.

18:42 – Lead with Passion, Integrity, and Respect 

20:10 – W.T.F.
What The Focus! Yeah… you heard her.

22:44 – Are You Better Now Focusing On What You Need To Focus On? 
You’re always a work in progress.

24:52 –  Eliminating Roles
 Life is better when you’re more decisive. Decide what do you really want to be great at and eliminate all else.

28:39 – What Got You Here, Will Not Get You There!
You have to know when something has an expiration date, look at what your next steps to getting you to where you want to go. 

30:26 – What Comes With Success
Nay-sayers will say things behind your back…. keep them there.

31:28 – How Do You Not Get The Naysayers In Your Head?
Not having everyone love me is okay. You’re working for IMPACT… not popularity.

33:03 – Peaceful Zen-like Focus

38:36 – “Make sure your dream doesn’t go on to be your kid’s dream unless that’s the dream they want” -TD Jakes

40:08 – Don’t Wait On Your Own Dreams Because Of Your Kids
Build your own dream so you can teach them to chase their own.

40:48 – How Trina Balances Being A Working Mom
Don’t be a slave to your schedule, build your work life around your life. Do the things that the most important and cut the fluff.

43:22 – The Most Common Excuse You Hear?
Is your schedule FULL?

46:44 – The Power Of Meeting New People In New Places
So much magic happens when you are open to new possibilities. 

54:02 – Words Of Encouragement 
Grit, edge, action. Turn your mess into a message.

59:31 – Eustress vs. Distress
Do not fear stress. Determine if it’s worth keeping….

1:00 – The Future For Trina Gray

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