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Halleluiah…I got my Facebook Back!!!

We did it!!! I shared with you last week that my Facebook page was hacked and ultimately eliminated 3-weeks ago. It was a disheartening time to say the least.

Well, I want to say THANK YOU again for all the overwhelming support and love. As a matter of fact, it was because of our strong COMMUNITY that we were ultimately able to save the day.

Let me explain.

After about a week of being hacked and then my FB FAN/Business Page being deleted, I sent out an email to my email list explaining the situation.

Within hours, I had dozens of people message me back and share that they have friends, associates, or even family members who work at Facebook in some capacity. The immediate support and feedback was incredible.

One of the responses I got back within minutes was from someone who knew a VP at Facebook, who just happened to also be a “follower” of mine. He told me he reached out to her and that she was single-handedly going to resolve this issue if any way possible.

Sure enough, I got word this weekend that she did it. Yasssssss!!!!!

I am so tremendously grateful for her and the work of her team at Facebook.

Not only will I be sending up a ton of swag to her and her team, I’m going to sign a bunch of “Get Your Mind Right” books for them to gift out to the hackers who NEED to GET THEIR MINDS RIGHT. Haha.

I learned a bunch of lessons from this ordeal. And I’m going to share them ALL with you at 12 noon (PST) today.

Where you ask?

FACEBOOK LIVE of course!!!!

Today at 12 noon PST/3 pm EST I will be doing a FB LIVE on my “new” (recovered) Facebook FAN page on my top lessons learned from this entire experience. I will make sure it’s tremendously valuable.

Details of TODAY’s FB LIVE:

What: “Top 5 Lessons Learned from Getting My Facebook Hacked…That will Save You Also!”
When: Monday, August 31st.
Time: 12 noon PST/3 pm EST
Where: Facebook Fan Page “LIVE”

Tune into the LIVE as we will have some fun, deliver some “Good News” and even gift away some new swag. Yep…I’m in one heckuva great mood!!!

See you on my FB FAN PAGE TODAY!!!

What else is going on today?

Listen to the IMPACT SHOW podcast today with Pro QB Luis Perez.

Bowler to Baller: The Story of Pro QB Luis Perez | Ep.112

With the NFL football season just around the corner and college football having just kicked-off (kinda), I have a very special guest on the show today. Luis Perez is a guy I’ve trained for a few years now and he has one of the most fascinating stories you will ever hear. He did NOT play high school football, he won the Harlon Hill Trophy (Heisman Trophy for D2), and is now knocking on the doors of the NFL.

This episode is a must-listen for all athletes, kids, parents, coaches, sports fans, entrepreneurs, and high-performers who have a dream and have to overcome the odds. He literally went from 9th on the depth-chart in college to standout starter. And the rest is history.

Check it out NOW…

The Incredible Story of Pro QB Luis Perez

Let’s create a great week. Between the podcast this morning and the Facebook LIVE this afternoon, it’s guaranteed to GET YOUR MIND RIGHT and set you up for a winning week.

See you in just a little bit…


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The sale starts tomorrow, Tuesday, September 1st and will go until September 10th (or until supplies last!).

Take ACTION tomorrow!!!

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