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Hallelujah…We are opening

Hallelujah Hallelujah!!! I haven’t been this excited in a long time. Like more than 3-months!

I feel like it’s Christmas Day.

I feel like I just got out of imprisonment.

I feel like it’s my first day opening my business. Actually, it kind of is.

I am feeling such an array of emotions and excitement. The last 89-days have been a whirlwind, and there have been so many ups & downs. To the complete extremes. I know everyone around the world can completely relate.

As a matter of fact, there have been some great lessons learned. There have been some true highlight moments and even some real low-light moments.

I’m going to share “My Top Lessons & Memories Over the Past 90-Days” today LIVE, on the 2nd to last day of the GNN (Good News Network). I’ve gone LIVE every day for 89-days as I promised I would go LIVE on March 16th until the day I re-opened my gym (Fitness Quest 10) back up.

Honestly, I thought it would be a maximum of 2-4 weeks that we’d be closed. Little did anyone, including me, believe it would be nearly 3-months. WOW.

I simply want to say THANK YOU. To ALL of you.

THANK YOU for reading my emails.
THANK YOU for being on my LIVES.
THANK YOU for the DM’s, messages, and emails.

It is your words and your “showing up” that is oxygen to my soul.

You allow me to share my energy.
You allow me to share my positivity.
You allow me to hopefully motivate & inspire you when you MOST need it.

Thank you. This is WHY I exist, and without you, I could not do what I do.

To all my clients, members, and teammates at Fitness Quest 10: 

We truly have the strongest and best community in the world. I’m so grateful for all the support over the last few months. As much as you have shared what you received from my energy and positivity, I have received 10x back from YOU!

We got through this together, and without people like Jeff Bristol, Lisa Evanovich, Kira Dosenberry, Julie Wilcox, and Amelianne Johannes, we could not have gotten through this time the way we did. #Rockstars #FQ10Fam

To my TD Mastermind Family Members

WOW. What a crazy few months. I’ve said we are “Built for Times Like This.” Your sharing resources, loving hearts, and constant support of each other is truly amazing. I’ve never seen anything like it. Thank you, TD Mastermind, for staying strong through this, remembering your WHY, and knowing that we NOW get to do our best work.

Special shoutout to Frank Pucher, Larry Indiviglia, Kelli Watson, Jarod Cogswell, and Bob Poston for helping lead some of the most amazing fit-pros on the planet during this time. #WeGotThis

To ALL Trainers, Coaches, & Fit-Pros around the world:

I’m sending out special prayers, intentions, and energy today to ALL my friends in the gym business, fitness industry, and training fields. I know WHY these “life transformers” exist, and the pandemic, negativity, and heaviness of the situation is kicking many people’s butts.

Some gyms have opened. Some have not yet opened. Some are opening today. And some gyms will not be able to re-open. If there was ever a time to dig down deep and overcome challenges, adversity, and strife…it’s NOW!!

With the right wisdom, courage, tenacity, and grit to make the pivots, changes, and evolutions necessary, we will not only get through this; I believe our BEST IS YET TO COME.

Let me repeat OUR BEST IS YET TO COME!

Ok, now you repeat, “MY BEST IS YET TO COME!” #StayStrong #GetYourMindRight

I want ALL of you to know that these unprecedented times are tough. Yes, they are challenging indeed.

But when you focus on listening to messages that inspire your soul, surround yourself with people who LIFT you UP right now, gain learning, wisdom, and education about what you can do and & how you can PROGRESS, I do whole-heartedly believe that we will eventually get through this and be grateful that somehow it served as a metamorphosis to be one of the biggest blessings in our lives.

Time for me to go celebrate in the trenches and train some peeps. I have both virtual sessions today and sessions at the gym. And let me tell you what when I’m training in the sanctuary today, I’m going to stop for a moment and be so grateful that I get the opportunity to change someone’s life again in the trenches.

That’s what moves my soul. What moves you?

Love you,


P.S. #1. Join me after my sessions today as I go LIVE on Facebook and Instagram for my final 2-days on the Good News Network (GNN).

I’ll be talking about my “GREATEST LESSONS & MEMORIES Over the LAST 90-Days.” I hope to see you today at 12 noon PST/3 pm EST.

Be sure to set your alarm for that time or turn “on” your notifications so that when I go LIVE, you don’t miss it.

This one is going to be special!

P.S. #2. Trainers & Coaches, can I help you?

If you are a trainer, coach, fit-pro, or business owner, I would love to be a resource for you. If I can help coach you or share wisdom on what I am specifically doing to reinvent, retool, and help Fitness Quest 10, email me how I can BEST help you and be of MOST value to you right now. Perhaps we can hop on the phone, or share one of my resources or programs with you.

Drop me an email to, and I will get back to you next week when the dust settles from re-opening today. Thank you.

P.S. #3. Top Quotes from Famous Change-Makers… Listen to this episode!!

I received great feedback from yesterday’s IMPACT Show Podcast called “Top Quotes from MLK Jr. & What They Mean to Me.”

Check out Episode #89 now and let me know what you think.

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