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Happy Thanksgiving–Eating Pie & Pain

Happy Thanksgiving!! Thanksgiving is a heightened time of year to acknowledge our many blessings. And gratitude doesn’t come only during times of sunshine and rainbows. Even the most adversity-filled times can leave us with gratitude overflowing from the lessons learned, the precious time spent that we no longer take for granted, and our new perspective on life (that couldn’t have been learned any other way). 

In this episode, you’ll hear from 3 Fitness Quest 10 teammates who have all been with me for 12+ years. In the last year specifically, they have all faced tremendous adversity that tested them to their core. If you’ve also faced adversity this year, or ever in your life, you’ll hear from these 3 FQ10 teammates that you are not alone in your fight… and that there is beauty and gratitude to be gained through the fight! Tune in to find out how we can turn great pain into abundant gratitude this Thanksgiving season!

More on the episode:

0:55- The FQ10 Trio
Jeff King, Janet Bertrand, & Julie Wilcox in the house!

1:10- Meet Janet Bertrand
15-year FQ10 vet. “Being at Fitness Quest 10 is a Gift.”

2:46- Janet’s Year Of Adversity & What She’s Most Grateful For
Seeing her daughter flourish today…  as this time last year brought great pain.

3:20- Her Story: An Empty Nest, To Having A Toddler Overnight
Finding hope in her daughter’s fight to be with her son again.

4:10- TD’s Point Of View:
The power of Janet’s mindset regardless of what’s going on in her outside world. 

4:55- Janet’s Biggest Lesson Through Her Daughter’s Recovery
“When you’re in those dark places– you can not give up hope.”

5:13- “I Eat Pain”
Janet’s response to her 22-year-old son’s question: “how do you do it”?

6:00- Janet’s Food Of Choice This Thanksgiving
It’s not green beans… 🙂 

6:45- Meet Jeff King
12-year FQ10 vet. “Grateful to be apart of this organization.”

7:25- Most Memorable Moment In 12 Years
A young couple and their wedding day goals! The look on their faces on the big day… 

8:35- Jeff’s Year Of Adversity And What He Is Most Grateful For
The two ‘F’s… “Family & Faith.” 

8:57- Jeff’s Story: Divorce & Single Dad
The reality of the last year…

10:05- Watching His Daughters Grow And Change
Wondering what they’re going through and how they’re feeling…

11:22- Jeff’s Mentality
“It’s a season.” And how he gets through it…

11:57- With Every Season, There’s A Lesson 
“There’s a reason why I’m going through this.”

12:36- If You’ve Been Through Divorce

14:00- You Have No Idea What’s Going On In Someone’s Life
Always come from a place of love and gratitude.

14:25- The Best Way To Live
Bringing poignancy to the love in our hearts…

14:34- Meet Julie Wilcox
Teammates for over 14 years. My right-hand person.

15:04- Julie’s Year Of Adversity And What She Is Most Grateful For

16:04- Her Story: Husband Had A Massive Stroke
“I asked Gary To Fight And He Fought.”

17:24- What Gave Her Strength
The power of an outpouring of love and support. The power of community. 

18:13- “What Is It You’re Going To Be Most Thankful For This Year?”
The gift of falling in love all over again. A new way of living…

19:36- How To Find Gratitude In A Year Of Loss
Focusing on time with the people you DO have.

21:40- What Are YOU Most Grateful for?

22:04- “God Is Carrying You.”

22:38- Final Words Of Wisdom and Inspiration From The FQ10 Trio

23:48- What TD Is Most Grateful For
The beauty of the people right in front of you and the traditions that make it meaningful.

24:45- Strength To You This Thanksgiving Season 

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