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Happy Wife, Happy Life with Melanie Durkin

The first guest on the IMPACT Show is someone extremely special to Todd because, without her, NONE of it would be possible. In this episode, you will meet his wife of 18 years, Melanie Durkin. She’s is not only a great mom & wife, but she is also a full-time professor in Exercise Science at Southwestern College in San Diego. Through this episode, you will get to hear what it is like behind the scenes for Todd and his family. They share great lessons for couples, parents, or anyone wanting to strengthen the relationships around them. They will share never before told stories, dive deep into their biggest regrets and hardest times, and give you the best tools to overcome anything life throws at you. You will even get to hear what the future holds for Todd and Melanie.

More About The Episode:

This episode is a special one as it is the FIRST episode of The IMPACT Show where I interview a GUEST.  Yes, it’s the first GUEST on the SHOW! There are a lot of great guests lined-up for future episodes… but in my eyes, there will be NO MORE important guest than this one…

The first-ever guest on the IMPACT show is my wife of 18-years, Melanie. 

People are always curious about my life outside of work… and a HUGE part of it is my family. Melanie IMPACTS me more than anyone on the planet and I could not be more honored to interview her on the show and share the impact that she brings to my world every day, with you.

Melanie and I met in graduate school at San Diego State in 1997. We were friends for 9 months, dated for 2.5 years, and we got married in 2001. Fast forward to today, we have 3 kids (Luke, Brady, McKenna) (who are a full-time job) and have lived and learned a lot in our 23-years together. 

What many people don’t know is that my wife Melanie is also in the health & fitness industry. And she’s been a full-time professor in Exercise Science for 21-years at Southwestern College…. which means she is balancing out a full-time professor’s job and a full-time parenting job.

Melanie is my backbone. She’s my best friend, she’s often my training partner, she’s my yin to my yang. She gives me so much light. She’s a woman of Faith. And I love her to the moon and back.

Check out some of the highlights from the episode: 

2:09 – If Melanie wasn’t teaching at a college, what would she be doing?
I was happy to hear this answer. Melanie did work at Fitness Quest 10 before the kids were born, you know….

2:37 –  What brings her the most joy in life? 
Let’s just say Melanie is the glue of the family… she keeps our home happy, fed, and smiling.

2:57 – Melanie’s favorite thing to do for herself?
Her favorite things to do include her built-in best friend… our daughter Mckenna! I love their girl time! 

3:15 – Melanie’s favorite date we ever had?
Melanie’s favorite date included an engagement ring, whereas mine included a two for one coupon and a little too much to drink. 🙂

4:22 – Best family trip?
When you get booked to speak overseas…  you pack up the entire family and take advantage!

5:05 – the best book she’s ever read?
The Durkins are huge readers. Melanie’s Audible choices range from inspiring fiction novels to powerhouse biographies (Yoohoo Michelle Obama!)
If you want a list of my recommended reads, check them out here

5:27 – If Melanie could travel anywhere in the world, where would she go?
Melanie’s family-fun adventure didn’t quite match up with my #ParentsOnly toes-in-the-sand dream vacation…

6:12 – The hardest thing Melanie does now.
3 kids… 3 different schedules… and then there’s MY schedule… I don’t know how she does it! But she DOES.

8:12 – Maximizing her commute.
Driving around all the time for the kids DOES have its perks… ALONE TIME! Check out the awesome ways she takes advantage of these precious moments. 

9:23 – The most joy Melanie experiences as a Mom.
There is no more beautiful experience than watching your kids grow…

12:28 – What scares her as a Mom?
Our oldest son has just turned 16… you know what that means. DRIVERS LICENSE. (Don’t worry, Melanie has already downloaded all the apps to track his whereabouts.)

13:26 – What does she wish I did better around the house?
If only she had a “handy” husband… you won’t guess who we both say IS handy and gets things done for us when they come to visit!!  

16:23 – What does she wish I did better as a father?Travel does have its downside… but where I may miss some events, I make up for in the teamwork of building our family. Who else would she have as the “bad cop” with our kids? 

17:18 – What does she wish I did better at as a husband?
Want to know what it’s like being married to an entrepreneur? Mel and I go deep on tips for communication and resources to improve your relationships. Plus, she shares something I used to do in college that she thinks I should bring back…

18:42 – Melanie’s thoughts on what we do well as a couple.
Melanie and I share what our strengths are in our relationship…  Bottom line: being equally yoked in our Faith has provided the strongest bond, biggest joys, as well as got us through the toughest times. 

19:53 – Melanie speaks on the toughest time we’ve faced in our marriage.
Building a business AND a family at the same time is… well, hard. Melanie shares about the early years of opening Fitness Quest 10, while having our two sons Luke and Brady.

22: 23 – If there was one thing she could have done differently, would she have?   
Looking back Melanie would not change a thing,  but Todd shares his one big regret and unforgettable advice for young parents. 

25:35– The Durkin’s advice to young parents (or parents of teens)?
Communication, date-nights, and looking at how you can change yourself- FIRST. Yup… every-day WORK. Mel and I dive deep into our 3 tips for young parents.

26:06 – How Melanie manages to share everything with the world– the kids and even the dog?
Melanie opens up about how hard it is at times with social media… especially when she and I are very different about sharing our lives!

29:22 – The moment Melanie fell in love with me… and how she deals with all my energy!
Being friends for years means falling in love happened fast. Melanie shares the many sides of me she got to witness… and one side, in‌ ‌particular, hat helped her deal with all this crazy energy.

30:44 – How Melanie keeps her energy up when I am traveling.   
Melanie has a running joke for when I’m out of town: “it’s easier when you’re not here.” Very funny! She shares a few of the things she does do differently to keep her energy going. 

31:10 – The hardest challenge of being an entrepreneur’s wife and how Melanie deals with it? 
The focus of two different visions: the here and now (Melanie) vs. all the future possibilities (Me). Melanie and I dive deep on the importance of communicating these visions and supporting each other along the way! 

35:05 – What does Melanie see for the next ten years of our life together? 
Melanie and I share our thoughts for the future from retirement to all of the kids being out of the house, and maybe even having a place to escape to in the mountains. 

38:53 – Final Points 

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