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Have You Ever Been Knocked Down or Out?

Sometimes you win in life. And sometimes you lose.

And it sucks when you lose. No-one likes it. I don’t like it. And you probably don’t like it either. Especially when you work your tail off for something for weeks, months, or years for and it doesn’t work out the way you envision.

My man Mike Chandler lost a fight Saturday night, November 15th 2014.

It’s not the way we envisioned it. It’s not what he prepared for. But he got caught with a right hook in the left temple and it left him temporarily dazed. And it gave his opponent just enough time to finish him off.

Man, I couldn’t be more proud of Mike. He IS a champion. He trained hard. He ate right. He was disciplined. He had no distractions in his life. For 18 weeks. 18 arduous weeks. He did every THING possible to win a fight. But he came up on the short side of the stick last night.

Have you ever done everything “right” and still lost?

Yes, I bet so. Me too!

On Sunday, November 16th we kicked off “IMPACT Week” for our IMPACT Foundation. We had a great workout and followed it with an “Anti-Cancer Talk—10 Ways to Prevent Cancer,” by Dr. Preston Gable, MD and Dr. Matthew “Tuck” Sitzer. It was eye-opening.

And Dr. Gable said something that resonated deeply.

He said, “Sometimes you can do everything right and you can still get cancer.”
Read that again!

Yes, you want to avoid tobacco and alcohol.
Yes, you want to make sure you exercise (and he made a shameless plug for FQ10! J) and eat right.
He shared how obesity is literally killing our country.
He shared that you want to be get regular checkups & screens.
He shared that you want to avoid harsh sunlight and over-exposure to damaging sun-rays.
He talked about your environment and how important a role it plays in your health.

And he gave specific examples of all of these. And he shared riveting slides and statistics to educate you and scare you enough to say, “Wow, I don’t want the ‘C’ word!!!”

And I kept hearing, “Sometimes you can do everything right and you can still get cancer.”

Hey, sometimes in life you do everything in life that “you are supposed to” and you lose.
Sports. Business. Politics. Health.

But it’s what we do with these defeats, setbacks, or diagnoses that matters. We can either rebound and do our best to get better or hang our head and sulk forever. Fight or stay on the canvas.

My hope is that we choose to learn from our defeats. That we emphasize the PROCESS of trying to achieve an end-result. And that we always find joy in the journey of life.

This week is IMPACT Week around Fitness Quest 10. Literally.

And the WOW will be IMPACT.

With a slew of “IMPACT” activities going on all around Fitness Quest 10 this week, it’s going to be a great week. We are going to raise a ton of money and we are going to scholarship 5 kids from around the country that are college-bound (You can see all details about “IMPACT Week” on the IMPACT Page

And I am pumped. WHY?

Because when you have a dream (to go to college, to win a championship, to get a world title, to get healthy, to do well in business, etc.), there are ALWAYS ways to overcome ANY obstacle, adversity, or objection that you may face to ultimately achieve what you want.

But you have to get up, move forward, and let the past propel you forward.

Because it’s IMPACT week, I encourage you to make a difference in someone else’s life this week. If nothing else, give someone hope this week. Give them your voice of encouragement. Give them your ear of understanding. Give them your heart of empathy or love.

Give, give, and give some more to someone that needs it this week and watch how great it feels. And see the difference it makes in their life…that is IMPACT!

Much love…and much IMPACT!


P.S. If anyone wants to challenge me or any of our FQ10 team this week, we will having some physical IMPACT challenges all week . Pushup-athons, squat-athons, situp-athons, pullup-athons, and burpee-athons. $1.00 per rep. And I expect to be sore as hell when it’s all over. But I will know I did my best to make a difference in someone’s life and I will do it all with many smiles. And I will accept any bruises, bumps, black-eyes, and blood along the way. After all, I’m after my dream also of inspiring and IMPACTing millions to greatness and I’m willing to pay the price for what that takes to get there. Game-on! (Feel free to check out our Fitness Quest 10 Facebook page each day to see what’s happening… )

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