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Heading to College in 2020—4 Students Share Their Thoughts on the New College Experience

Welcome to a new era of learning. For everyone. One of the groups most impacted by all this craziness is college-age kids. Some college students are going to class live on campus. Some college students are virtual from home. And some college-students are literally on campus but going to school virtually or doing a hybrid. In this “Back to College” episode, I’m talking with 4-college kids starting their freshman year in colleges across the country during these unprecedented times.

Specifically, I ask these four students (Brenna Pangelinan, Mike McGibney, Grant Norberg, and Kira Corasanti) an array of questions:

  • What’s your mindset as you go off to college?
  • What’s the secret to helping you get through high school & now the first semester of college successfully?
  • How do you “Get Your Mind Right” now during this pandemic?
  • Any advice for younger students (elementary, middle, or high-school) to get through this crazy time?

Tune-in and enjoy this conversation. Furthermore, please share it with other parents who have college-age kids or younger. And please share this episode on your FB or IG and tag me @ToddDurkin and our podcast guests on your IG.

Brenna Pangelinan: @brennapange
Mike McGibney: @mikeymcgib
Grant Norberg: @grantnorberg

And as always, huge prayers for ALL of our students of all ages and levels. In addition, big shoutout to all teachers, instructors, and professors who are finding a way to teach and instruct in a new way these days! 

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