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Heisman Trophy Winner, Ministry-Maker, & IMPACT-Creator

Buckle up for this one as we go down to “The Swamp” to hear how one amazing man has gone from gridiron folklore fame to now creating massive IMPACT in impoverished communities. It’s time to meet Danny Wuerffel. Danny is a 1996 Heisman Trophy winner and former QB for the University of Florida Gators (who won 4-SEC championships and a national championship while under center as quarterback and Head Coach Steve Spurrier at the helm). He is now an extraordinary community leader, father, husband, and IMPACT creator. Literally. 

Despite all his accolades, you’re going to hear one of the most humble and servant-leaders you will ever listen to. And what he has done in the last 2-decades to give back and serve under-privileged communities is nothing short of amazing. You’re going to feel Danny’s caring heart and his passion & purpose to serve people through his “Desire Street Ministries” throughout this episode. His Desire Street Ministries supports under-resourced neighborhood leaders to positively Influence their communities through leadership training, economic development, spiritual and educational resources.

Specifically, here are some of the things Danny and I talk about on today’s SHOW:

  • The pivotal game that earned Danny the Heisman Trophy and what happened when he played against Peyton Manning in college.
  • Top lessons learned from U of Florida Head Coach Steve Spurrier.
  • Your identity as a 20 year old young man and where/how he kept his focus and priorities straight. 
  • Why he is passionate about building relationships with struggling communities and his desire to create opportunity and coach leaders to resurrect under-resourced neighborhoods.
  • SoulCare – his vision to help people with burnout and how that works.
  • Danny’s best practices that allow him to operate as his best-self.
  • Going deeper in faith and why that’s important to him. 

The purpose of the IMPACT SHOW is to motivate & inspire you to be the best man or woman you can possibly be. If there was ever an episode that will impact you to be a person of IMPACT, it might be this one. 

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More on Danny Wuerffel:

Danny’s accurate arm and ability to make split second decisions was first recognized when playing in Ft. Walton Beach, Fl. and named Florida’s player of the year his senior year, as well as Valedictorian. At the University of Florida, Danny led the Gators to four SEC Championships and the National Championship, under the leadership of Coach Steve Spurrier. Wuerffel set 17 NCAA and UF records, led the nation in touchdown passes, earned the SEC Player of the Year title and culminated his career with the coveted Heisman Trophy in 1996, exactly 30 years after his legendary coach had won the distinguished award. Danny’s 3.7 GPA and leadership off the field awarded him the Campbell Award presented to the nation’s top scholar athlete, one of only two athletes to earn both the Heisman and the Campbell Award.

During his NFL years with the Saints, Danny volunteered after practice with Desire Street Ministries, serving in New Orleans’ Ninth Ward, a neighborhood ranked by HUD as one of the worst in the country. He felt so strongly about the pivotal role Desire Street plays in reshaping communities he became their Executive Director following his NFL career with the Packers, Bears and Redskins. Under Danny’s leadership, Desire Street expanded its reach to support leaders and ministries in under-resourced neighborhoods throughout the Southeast. Desire Street provides coaching, training, retreats and many other resources to the heroes leading change in neighborhoods that need the most support.

Wuerffel resides in Atlanta with his wife Jessica and three children. He continues to serve as Executive Director of Desire Street Ministries, speaks at leadership and sales conferences and enjoys coaching his children in their various activities.


Desire Street Ministries: After retiring from football, Danny returned to New Orleans to work with Desire Street Ministries, a nonprofit organization that seeks to help impoverished neighborhoods through spiritual and community development. He ultimately became its executive director. Under his direction, Desire Street moved its headquarters to Atlanta and expanded its programs to inner cities in the Southeast. (

Wuerffel Trophy: Established in 2005, The Wuerffel Trophy honors college football athletes who are serving others, while also achieving greatness on the football field and in the classroom.  As part of the National Football Federation’s Collegiate Awards, The Wuerffel Trophy was the first major award honoring the character of service to others. (

DESIRE CUP:  Join UF and UGA football greats to support Desire Street Ministries, which lifts up community leaders in under-resourced neighborhoods. (

When: Oct 20-23, 2022
Where: San Diego, CA

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