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Hell & Back…Wayne Cotton (Part 2)

Welcome back podcast fans. I hope you’re ready to be super-inspired today. As if Part 1 of the episode from Wayne Cotton wasn’t enough, he just keeps bringing the heat today. In Part 2, we talk about overcoming adversity, his ADD, his father, the 7-F’s, and why he believes he suffered multiple strokes. WOW! Wayne also reveals his color-coded calendar system that has literally changed my life. So much great content in one short episode. Buckle-up and listen in to my “million dollar mentor” Wayne Cotton. I know you’re going to love this one also. Please share it away after listening & learning!

More On The Episode:

00:50- “How Do You Get Your Mind Right After Adversity?”

2:56- How 90 Impactful Days With His Father Changed The Next 15 Years Together
“Everyday at 9:00….”

8:15- Wayne’s Decision To Workout Every. Single. Day…
Or was it mine?? 🙂

10:12- Why Wayne Was A Committed Training & Massage Therapy Client With Me 🙂 
The real secret to my success…

13:33- “When You Put Your Mind To Something, You Get It Done.”
How Wayne stays focused throughout the day, even with ADD.

15:00- The Cause Of Wayne’s Stroke
When you live your life faster in your mind than the actual speed of life…

18:41- “Thought Attacks” & Wayne’s Second Stroke
How constant thoughts can cause sleep deprivation and extremely unhealthy consequences…

19:38- 3 Strokes And You’re Out
The last straw… what was he going to do about this?

21:49- Wayne’s Color Coding System For High Performers
Check out

22:04- The 7 “F”s
Fear, Frustration, & Failure are all overcome by Faith, Focus, Forward Motion, & Follow-Through.

23:20- When The Mentor Becomes The Mentee
If Beyonce has an alter ego, Wayne’s gotta have one too…. 🙂 #honored

26:52- Why “No Brown Days”?
Keep your days vivid, clear, and BRIGHT!

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